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Straight & over/under weighing.

Company's Xpress Bench Scale line is designed to meet manufacturing and industrial weighing needs. The line is available in two versions, the Xpress Economy and the Xpress Standard. The Xpress Economy, ideal technology for straight weighing applications where only gross weight reading is required and economy is important, offers battery or AC power. A stainless steel 304 platter, a six digit bright red LED display and overload and shock protection to 125 percent of the scale capacity is further included in the economy line of scales.

The Xpress Standard model is available in four different platform sizes and seven capacities, with 5000d resolution throughout the line. An easy to use over/under indication and rugged stainless steel construction make the Standard Bench Scale ideal for applications involving portion control, such as food processing, packaging and agricultural operations.



Product: Bench Scale

Key Feature: Numerous scale variations

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Title Annotation:Weighing Systems
Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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