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Story of the year: IDEA '92.

While there was certainly enough that happened in the past year to make any number of events the "story of the year"--Scott Nonwovens was finally sold, Lantor finally was not, this was the year of EC 92, NAFTA and Mercosur--nothing seemed to affect the collective nonwovens consciousness as much as last month's IDEA '92 nonwovens conference and trade show. While primarily a U.S. exhibition, the global nature of the industry and the newly formed agreement between EDANA and INDA to promote each association's show and move to a complementary three-year schedule helped make the show the international conference and exhibition it was billed to be.

NONWOVENS INDUSTRY polled some of the exhibitors and attendees at IDEA '92 to get opinions about this three year cycle and reactions were as diverse as the nonwovens industry itself. For the most part, it seemed to be a well-received decision. Some executives cited budgetary reasons as a primary reason for acceptance of the new schedule, while others favored the new schedule simply because there were too many shows and the triennial schedule would promote better attendance of the shows and conferences already in existence. Still others referred to the international industry nonwovens has become and said that the shows should reflect this "globalness' and complement each other.

On the other side of coin, several companies argued that the rapid changes in technology warrant having the IDEA show on a more frequent basis. Several executives also questioned the new and not completely proven Expo Nonwovens Asia show and asked whether it would fill the gap in the third year of the cycle. Others cited conflicts with the ATME and Techtextil shows, which are not included in the cycle.

Reactions to this year's IDEA show in general were also varied. The vast majority reported that it was a successful show, with good traffic and positive sales leads. Many thought it was larger and better attended than the IDEA '90 show (INDA's attendance figures put both shows in the 5000 person range). Of course, there were also those who felt that IDEA '90 was the larger of the two shows and were disappointed with this year's offering.

Despite diverse reactions to the show itself and perhaps because of the changes in the future of IDEA shows and the future of the industry--and also simply because of the overwhelming preparation, time and money that went into this show from companies around the globe--we feel justified making this the story of the year for 1992.
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Title Annotation:1992 nonwoven fabrics industry conference
Author:Noonan, Ellen
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
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Date:Dec 1, 1992
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