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Story of Brian Haw:An anti-war activist.

By Jessica Sarhan Star Staff Writer Brian William Haw, is a name that can only be associated with integrity, power, fortitude and wellC* not your usual run-of-the-mill Britisher. Haw, a carpenter by profession, was made famous on June 2, 2001 when he decided to inhabit a rather large section of pavement outside Parliament Square in London as an act of protest. His remonstration was representative of the anti-war movement all over the UK and was a lucid message of condemnation to the foreign policies of Bush and Blair regarding at first Afghanistan, then later Iraq. This June will mark Haw's seventh year of living and protesting outside the Houses of Parliament. Haw lives, sleeps, and eats in his minuscule DIY shelter, which is comfortably situated on the side of the road. His display placards prominently line the street and the only time he ever leaves his spot is to attend court hearings. Local supporters provide his food; his shower is non-existent, instead he washes with bottles of water that passers by provide him with. Though many of the huge anti-war movement in the UK may say that they have great admiration for Haw who has dedicated his life to his protest, some feel that he is in fact an incredible annoyance. Having just squeezed oneself out of a packed tube station and attempting to peacefully walk to work, the last thing a typical Londoner wants is to be faced with a malodorous stranger, holding a megaphone blasting random political protests in your earC*especially so early in the morning.Having left his wife and seven children to pursue his cause, Haw is sufficiently put at the forefront of insult. Many British political figures find him intolerable. MPs have attempted to pass countless acts as a way of removing Haw and yet somehow he has managed to triumphantly win all his battles. Most recently Haw won the UK Channel 4 most inspiring political figure award with 54 percent of the UK vote, showing that overall he is a well-respected and heroic figure whose name will surely become an integral part of history.Whilst it is common to be casually strolling through Parliament Square and happen to see Haw stood in in underpants, one has to respect his courage for giving up his life for his cause. Whether one thinks he is foolish and free spirited or a powerful representation of the British anti-war movement, he certainly is engaging. As a result of the High Court's Crimes and Police Act, which bans unlicensed protests within a one-mile radius of the Palace of Westminster, Haw faced a challenging battle to hold his spot but was victorious as his protest began before the act was passed. The man has been arrested more times than he brushes his teeth, which in Brian's case is really not that difficult. Yet he has a message and is going to be making each Londoner's morning very interesting indeed for, according to Brian "as long as it takes". nStory of Brian Haw:An anti-war activist

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Publication:The Star (Amman, Jordan)
Date:Apr 23, 2007
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