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Storm sweeps in; Flood alert sounded.

Byline: IAN MCNEAL and mike brown

Heavy rain and gales battered Teesside, bringing down power lines and causing disruption as Storm Dennis swept across the area.

Stormy weather also saw the River Tees burst its banks and led to flooding in parts of North Yorkshire over the weekend. The worst of the weather came on Saturday evening when strong winds, huge downpours and lightning strikes combined to create wild conditions.

And with weather warnings still in place and the prospect of heavy rain yesterday evening, the storm was set to continue to wreak havoc into this morning.

turn to next page from previous page There was concern in Yarm as water was spotted coming up through drains on the high street.

The Tees broke its banks yesterday morning, but flood gates managed to contain the water for most of the day.

But reports from about 5pm suggested that flood water may be rising through the centre of town.

At 5pm, the Government's flood information service recorded the Tees at Yarm to be 3.93m - just below its highest ever level.

The service says that property flooding is only possible when the level gets much higher.

On the Yarm News Facebook page, a local posted: "Right, we're now at the stage where water is coming up through the drains in central Yarm and flooding the area.

"This means that the flood defences are no guarantee that we are safe from flooding.

"Silver Street, Central Street and parts of the high street are already flooded and it's only going to get worse as we approach high tide.

"We are not expecting property flooding, but it wouldn't surprise us if we have a few parked cars written off due to flood damage.

"Please take care and keep yourself and others safe."

On Saturday, The Ship in Saltburn was among those affected as power lines were brought down near to the seafront pub. Fire crews were called in to tackle the problem, which also led to the road being closed.

Flood alerts were put in place for several areas of Teesside, including Middlesbrough becks and the lower River Tees.

The heavy rain - which came just a week after Storm Ciara had brought disruption again saw the Tees burst its banks at Yarm.

And roads were closed in Croft after the river also came over the tops to flood the streets.

The Teesside Park McDonald's had to be closed on Saturday night as heavy rain began to leak through the ceiling. But the restaurant was open as normal yesterday.

There was heavy flooding on Bishopton Lane in both directions from Allison Street to Durham Road.

Stockton's high street market was among the events cancelled on Saturday due to the weather.

There was also flooding in Northallerton near to the new build housing estate close to the market town's entrance.

Despite the stormy conditions, there was no major road closures, with only the A19 being closed to high-sided vehicles for periods on Saturday and yesterday.

A weather warning remains in place for Teesside until 11am today for high winds.

The forecast for the remainder of the week for Teesside is for windy conditions to continue but drier, sunnier conditions are expected.


The river level was high in Yarm simon mccabe

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Author:IAN MCNEAL and mike brown
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Feb 17, 2020
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