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Stork Materials Technology.


Stork Cellramic Inc., a division of Stork Materials Technology, is a leading manufacturer of laser engraved ceramic anilox rolls. With core competencies in materials technologies and laser engraving techniques, we provide innovative solutions for the high performance requirements of modern anilox rolls. With Stork you get state-of-the-art technology and unbeatable service and support.



Quite simply, Stork is the technology leader in the laser engraved anilox roll industry.

* Stork was first to develop C[O.sub.2] laser technology (Fig. 1) that made laser engraving ceramic anilox rolls possible.

* Stork was the first to develop YAG laser engraving technology (Fig. 2), which made high line screen engraving possible.

Most recently, Stork has once again demonstrated its technology leadership role by developing and introducing to the industry HQP Fiber Optic laser engraving technology (Fig. 3).

Fiber optic laser engraving technology has the ability to produce high line screen engravings without the undesirable cell characteristics of the YAG lasers and it does it consistently (See Fig. 3) The fiber optic laser engraves cells with a high thermal component creating a vitrified, almost glasslike cell inner lining. The smooth walls and defined cells provide better ink release, easier cleaning, less plugging and improved press room efficiency. See the difference for yourself in Figure 1 (C[O.sub.2]), Figure 2 (YAG), and Figure 3 (HQP Fiber Optic).



High line screen anilox rolls are a must for the high line screen plates being printed today. Although we still offer C[O.sub.2] and YAG, we now have an alternative.

Put simply, this is better technology, which produces a better product, more consistently, and more cost effectively.


* Two year limited warranty.

* 1- to 3-day lead times are possible for many press models.

* Custom banded anilox rolls.

* Press operator training seminars.

* Journal repairs return critical journal steps to OEM specifications

* Roll resurface extends roll life and saves you money.

* Stainless steel protective collars reduce edge chips.

* Anilox roll audits.

* Cleaning supplies to extend roll life.



8399 North 87th St.

Milwaukee WI 53224-9031 USA

Tel: 414-357-0260

Fax: 414-357-0267



Contact: Mat Jones, Sales & Marketing Manager
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