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Storing AMSS kit for missions.

The problem has been that once the amino boxes for the M-60 machine gun are secured in the cabin, there's no place to secure the AMSS because the front of the Black Hawk cabin floor doesn't have tiedown rings.

To allow for changing mission requirements, the Air Warrior IETM, ETM 0250 TM 1-1680-377-13&R tells you to store the AMSS in the bird but does not say how.

Here how: Use the cargo netting, NSN 1670-01136-9759, that's listed irl TM 1-1520-237-23P-1, Page 185, Item 3. Also use four old Huey quick-disconnect adapters, NSN 1680-01-085-71

Place your AMSS kit in the front cabin. Attach the four QD adapters to the floor. Then attach the netting clip to the adapters' D-rings. The kit is tight and secure.

Or, use the QD adapters and one SK LB aircraft cargo tie-down, NSN 1670-00-725-1437. Attach the two rings to the floor. Position your AMSS between the rings and route the strap through the AMSS handles and secure it to the two adapters. This solution has been used successfully in the Chinook.
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