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Stories of Grizzly Bear Society Parodies Social Issues.

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Bruin Dale is no average, cute-and-cuddly community of talking bears -- Edward C. Whisenant's collection of stories, "The Anthology of Stingy Bear's Adventures" (published by AuthorHouse), parodies a homogenous society of grizzly bears in order to address numerous modern-day social, political and economic issues.

"Far too often child readers are presented with ho-hum themes that give children a misleading impression of life," says Whisenant. "[Stingy Bear's Adventures] has a unique perspective."

Venture into Bruin Dale in "The Anthology of Stingy Bear's Adventures," 52 humorous and provocative short stories about the antics of a greedy and narcissistic little grizzly cub dubbed "Stingy Bear." Both of his traditional "Abearikan" parents, including his more liberal mother and conservative father who believes in raising Stingy Bear with a "firm paw," chastise Stingy Bear for his indiscretions. Stingy Bear will consider no moral or ethical value in his efforts to obtain a quick buck or satiate his greed, and Father Bear is tireless in efforts to correct his errant ways. Meanwhile, conflicts occur between conservative and liberal ideologies.

Stingy Bear's stories are intended to present real-life dramas with decisions that involve consequences. Stories include "Bearport Security," "Letters to Santa Bear," "The Playbear Magazine" and "The Big Snow Ball" categorized by themes including "Stingy Bear School Days" and "Bruin Dale Bearrorist." "The Anthology of Stingy Bear's Adventures" provides moral lessons and expands vocabulary for children while more mature readers will be intrigued by social and political satire in the book. Whisenant writes:
 Stingy Bear contemplated the vast fortune he might have earned if he
 had sold all of those fish to the owner of Bruingrub Grocery. Then,
 he could have earned another merit badge and placed money in the bank
 where it could earn interest compounded daily. "This is socialism!"
 he thought, "Nothing but socialism!"

Edward C. Whisenant grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a mechanical engineering degree. While there, Whisenant developed an interest in short story fiction from required English courses. The stories of Stingy Bear's adventures were first told to his three children. He has written a sequel to "The Anthology of Stingy Bear's Adventures," which he promises to be "even more poignant and provocative than the first." Visit the Stingy Bear Web site at .

"The Anthology of Stingy Bear's Adventures"

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