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Stories from the borderline.

People enter this country illegally, often at great personal risk. Frequently they come with the idea of staying. They come by the hundreds of thousands every year. Estimates of illegal immigrants living in this country range from 2 to 6 million.

Juarez, Mexico is a huge border city where 8,000 new squatters settle every month. Most of these squatters come north out of Mexico, drawn by the prospect of work in one of the many maguiladoras - U.s. factories that assemble parts in Mexico and then ship the finished goods back to the U.S. - found along the border.

In one of the poorest sections of Rio Bravo - a large, new city of squatters near Brownsville, Texas in the lower valley of the Rio Grande - live Maria and her family (right). Maria tries to keep her family fed and clothed on her husband's meager maquila wage.

Teresa Real is a remarkable Mexican woman who has just opened Mi Nueva Casa, a shelter for the boys who inhabit the funnels in Nogales and who rob people as they cross the border. The boys are glue sniffers and trouble for the authorities. Teresa has urged some of them to return to school. For most of these boys, Teresa is the first adult to ever take any interest in them.
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Title Annotation:Mexican towns along the US-Mexico border
Author:Conklin, Paul
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Date:Oct 1, 1995
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