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Stories from the ECHO during the war years; War Diary December 31, 1917.

A SAD story of the downfall of the daughter of a Liverpool doctor was told at the Cheshire Sessions at Chester this morning when a respectably-dressed young woman named Eleanor Mary Brauner, aged 30, of no occupation, pleaded guilty to two charges of stealing wedding rings at Liscard.

It appears the prisoner went into a jeweller's shop in Liscard and said she wanted to purchase a wedding ring. She was allowed to try some on and afterwards said she would have to go and get some money. She did not return and it was subsequently found that she has cleverly substituted a coloured metal ring in place of the gold one.

She adopted the same method at another shop, and then attempted to pawn the rings. Detective Inspector Pearson, of Wallasey, said that prisoner was a native of Liverpool, and was the youngest daughter of a Liverpool doctor.

She was at school until 18 years of age, and then she went to live with her mother and stepfather. Shortly afterwards she was convicted for stealing a hat and blouse.

In April 1911 she was sentenced to 15 years' hard labour for conspiracy. In the latter case she and her mother and sister were charged with forging death certificates.

Subsequently she gave birth to two illegitimate children, both of whom she abandoned, one in Liverpool and the other in London.

In 1915 she was sentenced to six months' imprisonment. Since then she had had another illegitimate child, the father being a man she had since married and with whom she was living at Wallasey.

Inspector Pearson said that in his opinion prisoner was "turning over a new leaf" and trying to better herself. He urged that when she abandoned the second child in London, she was in dire straits.

The Chairman said in view of prisoner's condition, she would only be sentenced to two months without hard labour.

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 31, 2014
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