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Stories from the ECHO during the war years; War Diary December 2, 1914.

SO SUCCESSFUL has been the recruiting for the "Bantams" at Birkenhead that the number now enrolled is approaching 1,400 - or 300 over the number required to complete the battalion.

Batches of men continue to arrive at Birkenhead Town Hall, and today Hall, and today T nearly 100 arrived from the Manchester district.

The authorities have not for the moment received permission from the War Office to raise a second battalion.

Throughout yesterday, the tramp of the little men could be heard in the neighbourhood of the Town Hall. All Hall. All Twere cheerful in spite of the rain and the fact that most of them had been travelling for many hours.

Birkenhead formed the magnet which drew sturdy thick-set men from all points of the compass.

"We come from Oldham," shouted one of a crowd of merry men as he entered the Town Hall to be Hall to be T enrolled. The speaker headed a band of about 20 or 30 men, all of a similar physique and stature as himself who had come from the heart of industrial Lancashire.

In the assembly room there was already a body of men from Sunderland, Preston, Camberwell, Bolton, Southport, etc.

From Bolton, there were 87 recruits, while the districts around London supplied nearly 200.

One of the features of the battalion is that most of the men, no matter what there age is, are all nearer 5ft, the minimum height for the battalion, than 5ft 3in, which is the maximum. The men are of the sturdiest physique, and should form a battalion of great strength.

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 2, 2014
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