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Stores back healthy snacking for kids; Retailers are introducing initiatives to promote healthier lifestyles.


The provision of quality, affordable low-calorie products for children is climbing up the convenience retailing agenda, with many stores kicking off the new year with a keen focus on healthy snacking.

Linda Williams, co-owner of Broadway Convenience Store, Edinburgh, has just relaunched the store's Fruit Club initiative, offering children a piece of fruit each weekday for 25p, with the fifth for free.

"We've also started including fruit in our meal deals so that children have a healthier option over crisps, and we've introduced baked crisps which are growing in popularity, as are sugar-free soft drinks.

"The key is perseverance and attention to detail. I visit the fresh produce market twice a week to ensure that we have a broad offer of quality, loose products to choose from.

You have to expect a certain amount of wastage at first, but as interest grows that diminishes. Responsible retailing is about more than guarding against underage sales, it's about facilitating healthier lifestyles for all," Linda added. Earlier this month Public Health England launched its new Change4Life campaign promoting healthier snacks for children. The campaign encourages parents to 'look for 100-calorie snacks, two a day max' to cut sugar intake.

Anita Nye of Eldred Drive Stores in Orpington, Kent, welcomed the campaign. "As community retailers it's vital we do whatever we can to promote healthier living, particularly among the younger generations.

"Surprisingly, it's often the parents who need educating. You'd be amazed how many of them turn down the offer of a free piece of fruit for their kids."

Jerry Tweney, owner of Prestbury Village Stores in Cheltenham, also plans to get behind healthy snacking this year.

"With the sugar tax coming in later this year, people are becoming much more aware about controlling their sugar intake," he said.


The Change 4Life campaign aims to limit kids' snacks to two 100-calorie snacks a day

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Date:Jan 12, 2018
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