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StoreBound, the four-year-old housewares company founded and nm by Evan Dash, has a unique way to develop product: feedback from its social-media followers.

The company has a presence on Instagram, and its followers have had a huge influence on its product line. "We asked our following what product they wanted," Dash said, "and they came back to us with 60 products. This has made Instagram our springboard in product development."

Two examples of such products are the Rapid Skillet and the Rapid Peeler. "When we asked our followers what products they wanted, an electric skillet was the most common one they tioned," Dash said.

Available in 12-inch and 14-inch sizes, the Rapid Skillet heats to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and has an extra-deep pan. Designed with an intuitive temperature dial, it braises, simmers, stir-fries, boils, scrambles, sears and sautes.

The Rapid Peeler is an even more dramatic example of product development through Instagram. "It came out of a social posting my son, Charlie, did when he came up with a peeler," Dash said. "People loved it. The Rapid Peeler is the professional version of the product Charlie developed."

Offered under the Dash Go band, the Rapid Peeler peels fruit in seconds, and automatically shuts off when the cutter arm reaches the base. It can be used with an AC power adaptor cord or wirelessly with four double-A batteries. "We expected to sell only 10 or 12 Rapid Peelers, but we ended up with orders for 10,000," Dash said. He added that StoreBound now has the setup to handle 6,000 consumer shipments per day.

Caption: The Dash Go Rapid Peeler, posted on Instagram by Evan Dash's son, Charlie.

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