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StoreAge Enhances Any-to-Any Data Mirroring Solution For Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery.

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IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 16, 2003

multiMirror with Instant Read/Write Snapshots, Integrated FC/IP Routing and Optimized Bandwidth Utilization Delivers Affordable Disaster Recovery Capabilities

StoreAge Networking Technologies, an innovator in enterprise SAN storage management, today introduced significant new enhancements to its network-based multiMirror any-to-any data mirroring solution, which enables data to be continuously replicated from any storage device, to any storage device, at any location. By integrating an FC/IP router, creating instant read/write snapshots of mirrored volumes and optimizing the use of available communication bandwidth, multiMirror provides an extremely cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution for large enterprise and mid-size organizations with storage networks.

"Many customers with storage networks are actively searching for an affordable data replication solution that breaks the 'vendor lock-in' imposed by virtually all storage subsystem-based mirroring products," said Mark Spowart, President of StoreAge. "multiMirror allows data to be mirrored between any brand or model of storage device, and does so using low-bandwidth connections over any distance. This enables customers to use their existing storage resources more effectively, while reducing the cost of communication links between data centers."

Any-To-Any Mirroring

multiMirror is used in conjunction with StoreAge's Storage Virtualization Manager (SVM(TM)), a network-based solution that centralizes the management of data in heterogeneous SAN environments. By offloading the mirroring process from both servers and storage subsystems and moving it into the network, multiMirror continuously replicates data from any storage device, to any storage device, at any location, either local or remote. This allows customers to mirror data between their existing storage devices from different vendors, or mirror data to inexpensive storage devices in remote locations, creating a highly affordable Disaster Recovery solution.

Low-Capacity Snapshots for Zero-Window Backup and Rapid Restore

multiMirror is integrated with StoreAge's multiView, which creates instant, low-capacity, read/write snapshots of any data on any storage device at any location. multiView snapshots of mirrored data may be created at both the local and remote sites, are a fraction of the size of the original volume, and enable copies of production data to be used with key tasks such as backup, restore, application testing and data warehouse updates while production applications remain online and fully available.

Exceptional Data Integrity

multiMirror enhances the protection of critical data at both local and remote locations while also defending against the replication of viruses and data corruption between data centers. First, multiMirror allows rapid recovery from viruses and data corruption by enabling data to be restored from online snapshots to previous points in time before the damage occurred. Second, multiMirror uses Consistency Groups to synchronize multiple related volumes prior to the creation of snapshots, ensuring that data is in a consistent and recoverable state.

Optimized Bandwidth Utilization

multiMirror's Last Block Changed technology minimizes communication bandwidth requirements, which over time are often the most expensive component of any mirroring solution. First, multiMirror accumulates write transactions that occur within a user-specified period of time in a buffer, and transmits only the last change received for each data block, This not only eliminates the complicated time stamping or data sequencing procedures required by traditional products, but also avoids the common over-provisioning of bandwidth to handle peak workloads, since the buffer will continue to accumulate new transactions at the local site until the previous set of transactions has been committed to disk at the remote site.

Investment Protection and Cost Reduction

As a network-based mirroring solution, multiMirror seamlessly adapts to any new servers or storage devices that are added to a SAN. This flexibility simplifies the process of upgrading IT infrastructures with new generations of equipment, allows administrators to standardize on one uniform method for mirroring data across the enterprise, and allows future storage purchases to be based on price/performance criteria rather than on compatibility issues.

Integrated FC/IP Routing

multiMirror leverages the built-in, high performance FC/IP routing capability that is included with each SVM appliance. In addition to driving down the cost of mirroring data over long distances by eliminating the need for third-party routers and other devices, each pair of SVM appliances can mirror up to 9TB of data per day.

A free white paper on multiMirror is available for download at Or, for more information about StoreAge's multiMirror any-to-any data mirroring solution, please visit the StoreAge web site at

About StoreAge Networking Technologies

StoreAge Networking Technologies is an innovative developer and provider of enterprise storage management solutions that centralize and simplify storage network administration. StoreAge network-based solutions provide a uniform, SAN-wide method for provisioning storage, ensuring business continuity, enabling cost-effective disaster recovery, and centrally managing cross-platform, multi-vendor storage environments. StoreAge's flagship product, SVM(TM) (Storage Virtualization Manager), has been successfully deployed worldwide, gaining exceptional success in managing storage in a wide variety of application environments including databases, OLTP, e-mail, ERP, CRM, video and many others. StoreAge offers worldwide sales, service and support, with principal offices in Irvine, CA and Nesher, Israel, and is a privately held company spun-off from IIS Intelligent Information Systems (IISLF.OB) in 1999. For additional information, visit the StoreAge website at or contact the company at
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