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Store's big sale is an advertising outrage; YOUR VIEWS.

Could someone tell me the reason the Virgin store in the city centre has such an awful way of advertising its sale?

In the middle of their main window, two large signs predominate with the words A Bloody Big Sale.

Many young people use this store and will receive the message that swearing is perfectly normal.

No wonder Coventry suffers from its ``Nights of Shame" (Evening Telegraph, January 2). Large, popular stores should set a good example.

Mrs J Jones, Brookside Avenue, Whoberley.

Hospital con

After reading the latest consultation document concerning the future health care provision for the people of Coventry I, like many other people, would still like to know the long-term financial cost of building a private hospital.

I find it hard to believe that a 40-page glossy document neglected to mention that the Coventry Health Authority (i.e. the Coventry tax payer) will have to pay back Pounds 50 million a year for the next 25-30 years to this private consortium of business partners who are proposing to build the private hospital.

I would like an explanation and conformation from the head of the Health Trust David Loughton, as to why a Pounds 200 million hospital will cost us Pounds 1,250 million - six times the initial construction costs.

I was lead to believe that the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) was a none profit making scheme. Well someone will profit, and like all other privatisation plans before it, it's the patient (or should I say customers) who will pay.

I would like to finish with a poem that sums up how I feel about this hospital plan.

When Labour were in opposition they rejected those plans on health.

They said (I think it was Harriet Harman) "This is privatisation by stealth."

18 years of Tory cuts left the NHS so frail.

So people voted Tony Blair and now its up for sale.

We've been betrayed I hear you say, their just as bad as the Tories.

We voted them in for better health care, but its just the same old stories.

The NHS belongs to us, not private business who we can't trust.

Put health care needs before private profit, cause if you don't we'll be out of pocket.

Martin Reynolds, Coventry North branch secretary Socialist Party, PO Box 121, Coventry.

MP was right

It surely has to be the case, writing as a Liberal Democrat, that Mr Robinson MP can lend money to whoever he wishes. It is his money and he can do what he likes with it!

Tories believe that if parents want to spend money on a private education for a child, then that's their business, which is what I believe, although I also want the best comprehensive school in the world, and the best health service.

What is the substantial difference here then? None at all surely?

William G Haymes, Compass Court, Coventry.

Strange beauty of spire's scaffolding

It was interesting to read that work is to start shortly on Holy Trinity Spire.

I must say I have enjoyed the scaffolding, appreciating the skill which was needed to erect it.

To me it has a kind of beauty reminding me of Japanese architecture.

I wonder if I shall look up at the finished spire so often?

Mrs Sandell, Frankton Avenue, Styvechale.

Thank you for your kindness

I would like to thank everyone who came to my elderly mother's assistance when she fell in the walkway between Shelton Square and the rear of the market recently.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness are very much appreciated. Special thanks to the shopkeeper who called the ambulance and the lady who put my mother's glasses into her handbag.

I appreciate your consideration for her well being.

Mrs Christine Calvert, St Nicholas Street, Radford.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jan 7, 1999
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