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Food Storage

In terms of food storage the survey found almost all consumers (90 percent) save leftovers, with plastic storage containers the most popular method of storing them (84 percent). Other ways: plastic bags (48 percent), aluminum foil (41 percent) plastic wrap (39 percent). Younger women are more likely than those over 55 to regularly reheat leftovers in the same container that there are stored.

The most important features consumers want in plastic food storage containers are practicality (seal, size), followed by price, than aesthetics (shape, color).

General Storage

The survey indicates storage items/organizers are being bought for many purposes, with food and household files being the leading reasons. The report indicates storage items are being used throughout the home iwth more than half of the consumers indicating they use items in kitchn (64%), master bedroom (60 percent) and closet (53%)

Consumer indicated that storage capacity is the most important feature in selecting a storage item (59%) price (17%) and material )16%) were also named as important

Most Important Features*

Plastic Food Storage Containers

*Air Tight Seal


*Lid Fit


Storage/ Organizers

* Storage Capacity

*Mentioned by at least half of the respondents
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Title Annotation:Assessing Consumer Attitudes
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Mar 16, 1998
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