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Storage and work space built of interlocking custom-milled maple.

Storage and work space built of interlocking custom-milled maple

Interlocking lengths of maple give this desk and shelving systemboth stability and a sculptural resemblance to the classic 1918 chair designs of Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld. Here, Berkeley architect Gary Parsons' furniture creates compact storage and workspace on two sides of a small room.

Parsons had "five-quarter' maple (approximately 1 1/4 inchesthick) milled into strips 1 1/6 inches square. Corner posts are made up of four verticals; horizontal members fit through them crisply at right angles. Holding the assemblies together are 1 1/2-inch flat-head hex-socket cap screws, screwed into threaded inserts. (You predrill for the inserts, then screw them tightly in place.) The tight joints at several levels help prevent racking.

Shelves and drawers are of medium-density 1/2-inch fiberboardpainted black to contrast with the natural wood color. The desk top consists of clear glass clipped over a sheet of translucent plexiglass. Lit from below with a portable lamp, it can double as a slide-viewing table.

Photo: Like a small trellis, verticals and horizontals interweaveto form support structure for bookshelves and desk

Photo: View fromabove shows how the pieces lock together

Photo: Glass top, wood strips, paintedfiberboard, and black screws combine in elegant geometric composition
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Date:Aug 1, 1987
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