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Storage Networking World Fall 2004 Exhibitor Profiles.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Storage Networking World Fall 2004 takes place Oct. 25-28, 2004, at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes Resort in Orlando, Fla. For in-depth information about the event visit

Below are profiles from Storage Networking World Fall exhibitors; breaking news releases are available at, Business Wire's trade show, conference and event news resource. Business Wire is the official news wire service for Storage Networking World Fall 2004.
Company: American Megatrends Inc.
Booth/Stand: PP25
Media Contact: Suzanne Brown
Investor Relations Contact: Suzanne Brown
Phone: 770.326.9176
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: StorTrends 1000i is an affordable 1U,
rackmount storage appliance that offers support for both block and
file data. The iSCSI networked storage solution merges Ethernet-based
Storage Area Networks (IP-SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) for
SMBs desiring a cost-effective and scalable iSCSI solution.

Company description: Founded in 1985, American Megatrends Inc.
(AMI), best known for AMIBIOS, has aligned its storage focus to meet
industry demand and is aggressively pursuing iSCSI Storage Area
Networks (IP-SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Storage
Management. AMI also offers remote server management, KVM over IP,
IPMI 2.0 compliant technologies and high-density motherboards.

Company: Anue Systems, Inc.
Booth/Stand: PP32
Media Contact: Rod Ladd
Investor Relations Contact: Kevin Przybocki
Phone: 512-527-05453
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: Anue Systems' Network Emulators are used to
test and validate optical networks and network devices. Our products
create/simulate delays and impairments that occur as data is
transmitted over long distances. Anue's in-line Network Emulators
cover SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel.

Company description: Anue Systems' Network Emulators simulate
delay and impairments that occur on actual fiber optic networks.
Anue's products meet the needs of organizations that are designing,
building, and deploying fiber optic data networks. Key applications
include testing remote data backup & disaster recovery solutions over
Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet/IP and/or SONET/SDH.

Company: Crossroads Systems, Inc.
Ticker Symbol: Nasdaq:CRDS
Booth/Stand: C13
Media Contact: Rob Robinson
Investor Relations Contact: Jennifer Ray
Phone: 512-349-0300 or 800.643.7148
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: Crossroads products maximize storage resource
understanding, utilization and management, and enable IT managers to
build out networks of consolidated storage assets with improved
performance, security, and reliability without sacrificing
scalability. Crossroads products are in solutions from companies such
as Hewlett-Packard, StorageTek, and EMC, and are also available as
Crossroads-branded solutions.

Company description: With headquarters in Austin, Texas,
Crossroads Systems, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of data
routing solutions for Storage Area Networks (SANs). Crossroads'
solutions serve the growing storage connectivity and data storage
markets, and are designed to help companies store, manage and ensure
the integrity and availability of their data.

Company: Info X Technology Solutions
Booth/Stand: PP9
Media Contact: Charlie Thomas
Phone: 973-386-1411 x121
Company URL:

Product description: Info X is the premiere worldwide distributor
of EMC approved and vendor certified Fibre channel Host Bus Adapters.
Info X has key partnerships with storage industry leaders including:
EMC, QLogic, Emulex, JNI, Cambex, Crossroads, Finisar and Emerson
Network Power.

Company description: Our outstanding sales and support team
members offer the best fibre channel product knowledge in the
industry. Manufacturer trained Info X support engineers are on call

Please call our USA sales group for product information, pricing
or availability at 1-800-463-9998, in Europe please call our
multi-lingual sales team at +31 4029 22722 or visit our web site at where you can ask the Info Xpert(TM)!

Company: Isilon Systems
Booth/Stand: G3
Media Contact: Kari Day, SS+K for Isilon
Investor Relations Contact: Brett Goodwin
Phone: +1 206.920.3141
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: Isilon IQ is a high performance clustered
storage system that combines an intelligent distributed file system
with modular industry standard hardware to deliver unmatched
simplicity and scalability. Isilon's OneFS(TM) distributed file system
eliminates islands of storage by creating a single global namespace,
enabling customers to grow capacity and performance linearly.

Company description: Isilon(R) is the premier provider of
intelligent clustered storage systems for digital content. Isilon
helps world-class companies such as ABC, LexisNexis, NBC, Corbis and
Sports Illustrated meet the storage demands of their rapidly-growing
digital content and reference information. Isilon's products are
designed specifically for data-intensive businesses and clustered
computing environments.

Company: Kashya
Booth/Stand: C28
Media Contact: Mehran Hadipour
Phone: 408-969-4010
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: KBX5000 is an advanced data protection
appliance for SAN environments that greatly lowers the TCO of
enterprise storage replication and eliminates the distance, cost,
performance and management limitations of traditional data protection
products. KBX5000 enables consistent, system-wide disaster recovery
across corporate data centers regardless of the distances separating

Company description: Kashya addresses the problem of data loss by
delivering enterprise-class data protection solutions. The Kashya Data
Protection ApplianceTM enables the highest levels of data protection,
while leveraging existing infrastructure investments. Its
network-based architecture is designed to handle all enterprise data
protection needs; its flexibility ensures that it will continue to
address the data protection needs of tomorrow.

Company: Maranti, Inc.
Booth/Stand: G11
Media Contact: Rick Walsworth;
Investor Relations Contact: David Bell;
Phone: 1.408.834.4000
Company URL:

Maranti, Inc. provides the industry's first enterprise-class
network storage controller, enabling deployment of highly scalable,
highly available storage infrastructure to significantly reduce total
cost of ownership. The company's patent-pending technology serves as
the foundation for the Maranti CoreSTOR(TM) system, which directly
addresses business-critical storage problems with resiliency and

Company: Maxtor Corporation
Ticker Symbol: NYSE: MXO
Booth/Stand: PP11
Media Contact: Melissa Helms
Phone: 408-894-4329
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: Maxtor enterprise products include
high-performance Atlas SCSI hard disk drives and high-capacity MaXLine
ATA hard disk drives. Maxtor Atlas drives are designed for
I/O-intensive applications including data mining, data processing and
economic modeling. MaXLine drives are designed for bulk storage and
archived data in nearline and midline enterprise storage applications.

Company description: Maxtor Corporation is one of the world's
leading suppliers of hard disk drives and data storage solutions. The
company has an expansive line of storage products for desktop
computers, storage systems, high-performance Intel-based servers, and
consumer electronics.

Company: MaXXan
Booth/Stand: PP3
Media Contact: Georgiana Comsa
Phone: 408-382-6423
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: The MXV intelligent SAN switches integrate
mission-critical storage applications for optimal disaster recovery,
NAS/SAN convergence and data protection via Virtual Tape Systems. The
standalone product line offers these benefits and features to
mid-sized environments with the SA100, SG110 and SVT100.

Company description: MaXXan produced the first SAN platform that
enables simple and centralized deployment of fabric-based applications
to reduce TCO while improving customer ROI in storage solutions
hardware and software technology. MaXXan offerings include the highly
scalable intelligent fabric solution for data centers, and standalone
disaster recovery, file serving, backup/recovery acceleration and
storage consolidation solutions for SMB.

Company: NetEx
Booth/Stand: C37
Media Contact: Robert MacIntyre
Phone: 763-694-4302
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: NetEx's Hyper Powered IP(TM) provides the
simplest and highest performing WAN platform for accelerating the
broadest range of storage application support in the industry. Hyper
Powered IP leverages common IP networks while enabling high-speed
connections up to OC12 - as much as a 1000 percent increase in
throughput performance for many applications.

Company description: Formed in 1999, NetEx has provided the
world's fastest data transport in the industry, along with guaranteed
data delivery, for over 20 years to more than 100 of the world's
largest and most sophisticated organizations, including some of the
most prestigious providers of financial, transportation and
telecommunications services and government entities.

Company: Nexsan
Booth/Stand: PP4
Media Contact: Brendan Kinkade
Phone: 818-715-9111
Company URL:

Product description: SATAblade is a powerful and cost-effective
Serial ATA storage system that delivers stunning performance for
businesses requiring a scalable, high- performance storage solution.
Featuring individual drive independence within a 1U physical
architecture that allows easy access to eight hot-swappable SATA
drives, one SATAblade can easily store up to 3.2 terabytes of data.

Company description: Nexsan Technologies creates and delivers
award-winning, storage-centric hardware and application-based
solutions worldwide. Nexsan storage products are designed for
corporate, graphics, medical imaging, animation and special effects,
real time/event monitored/ on-line/off-site storage, Internet
delivered content, digital film and video, financial on-line
transaction data, music and voice, video security, and document

Company: Onaro, Inc.
Booth/Stand: PP30
Media Contact: Steve Feldman
Phone: 617-338-0068 X21
Company URL:

Product description: Onaro markets software that predicts problems
and troubleshoots changes within Storage Area Networks. Onaro's
SANscreen Predictive Change Management software reduces the risks and
time in changing and growing SANs. The software simulates, manages and
troubleshoots the complex maze of access paths throughout an
end-to-end SAN to detect and resolve problems before they impact
applications. In addition, SANscreen continuously validates changes
during and after their execution. Its root-cause analysis identifies
and fixes violations that stray from policies, exposing potentially
fatal errors and vulnerabilities.

Company description: Onaro is the pioneering leader in Predictive
Change Management for SANs, enabling enterprises to effectively manage
changes and growth in complex Storage Area Networks with absolute
assurance. Its patent-pending SANscreen software continuously
validates the health of a SAN throughout changes, growth,
consolidations and conversions. SANscreen reduces the risks, time and
resources in changing and growing storage networks. SANscreen's
automated change management process replaces essentially manual
methods in order to attain superior SAN availability, security and
performance. It complements SRM products by effectively managing
changes - the cause of most SAN problems and, certainly, the most
serious ones. For more information visit

Company: ONStor, Inc.
Booth/Stand: C24
Media Contact: Jon Toor,, 408-963-2463
Investor Relations Contact: Frank Laurencio, frank.laurencio,
Phone: 408-963-2400
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: ONStor's scalable NAS for open storage gives
IT managers flexibility to deploy the storage that fits their needs.
With capacity scalable to 40 petabytes, performance scalable to
140,000 IOPS, multiple levels of redundancy and data protection
features such as SAN-based disk-to-disk data replication, the ONStor
SF4400 SAN filer now brings enterprise-class capabilities to the file
services market.

Company description: ONStor scalable NAS products employ
purpose-built hardware and software to consolidate enterprise-wide
file services on multi-vendor storage. ONStor SAN filer storage
solutions deliver a compelling return on investment by enhancing data
availability and data protection while dramatically reducing capital
costs and management complexity. ONStor's corporate office is located
in Los Gatos, California.

Company: Riverbed Technology
Booth/Stand: C12
Media Contact: Jodi Olson,
Investor Relations Contact: Randy Gottfried
Phone: 415-247-8800
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: Riverbed Technology's Steelhead appliances
improve the performance of applications on WANs. Riverbed helps
enterprises by enabling site consolidation projects: moving file
servers, Exchange servers, storage, and tape libraries from remote
offices to datacenters, or simply by accelerating the throughput of
WANs by up to 100 times.

Company Description: Riverbed Technology develops solutions to
enable enterprises to simplify and consolidate their IT
infrastructure. Riverbed was founded in 2002 by CEO Jerry M. Kennelly
and chief technology officer Dr. Steve McCanne, a visionary recently
identified by M.I.T.'s Technology Review as one of the top 100 young
innovators in the world.

Company: SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
Booth/Stand: PP34
Media Contact: Steve Munroe
Phone: (978) 897-1888
Company URL:

Product description: The 4-Gbps SANBlaze VirtuaLUN Fibre Channel
Target Emulation System is a virtual, configurable environment for SAN
product development, testing and QA - at a fraction of the cost of
deploying disk arrays. It is an indispensable lab tool for Fibre
Channel HBA and infrastructure engineers, as well as SAN software

Company description: SANBlaze Technology, Inc. is a pioneer in
Target Emulation technologies and a leading provider of storage
solutions for embedded systems. The companys VirtuaLUN Fibre Channel
Target Emulation System provides a virtual, cost-efficient,
configurable environment for SAN product development, testing and QA.
The company also provides PMC and cPCI Fibre Channel, SCSI and Storage

Company: SANRAD
Booth/Stand: PP18
Media Contact: Zophar Sante
Phone: 510-521-2424
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: SANRAD LDR provides multi-site data
replication and disaster recovery for military installations,
universities, medical centers, local and state government, financial
institutions and other multi-building/multi-site organizations. SANRAD
LDR provides business continuance for any organization requiring
uninterrupted access to data in the event of system or site outage.

Company description: SANRAD is the leader in IP Storage
Networking. SANRAD's U.S. sales, marketing and support offices are
located in San Francisco Bay Area, with research and development and
international sales offices in Israel. SANRAD is backed by Sequoia
Capital and is a member of the RAD Group.

Company: SEPATON, Inc.
Booth/Stand: PP27
Media Contact: Beth Winkowski
Investor Relations Contact: Paul Feresten
Phone: 978-649-7189
Company URL:
Press Area URL: or

Product description: The SEPATON S2100 Virtual Tape Library system
is a high-performance, RAID-based enterprise data protection solution.
ReadyRestore is a suite of data protection applications for the S2100,
including SEPATON's new Synthetic Full Backup application which
reduces the amount of time it takes to perform a full backup and
restore from hours to minutes.

Company description: SEPATON, Inc. develops a family of data
protection solutions to medium and large data centers that must manage
multiple terabytes of data daily. SEPATON protects customers' critical
business data with its non-disruptive, high-performance appliances
optimized to lower the cost of managing storage. SEPATON's solutions
integrate seamlessly into existing customer environments.

Company: Silicon Graphics (SGI)
Ticker Symbol: NYSE: SGI)
Booth/Stand: G19
Media Contact: Ginny Babbitt
Investor Relations: Beth Howe
Phone: 650-933-4519
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: SGI is the only provider of a full line of
storage solutions designed specifically for data-intensive
environments. Optimized to accelerate workflow, SGI InfiniteStorage
Solutions go beyond the TCO benefits of consolidation, contributing to
your top line with productivity increases that deliver real ROI.

Company description: SGI is a leader in high-performance
computing, visualization and storage. Whether it's sharing images to
aid in brain surgery, finding oil more efficiently, studying global
climate, providing technologies for homeland security and defense, SGI
is dedicated to addressing the next class of challenges for scientific
and engineering.

Company: Spectra Logic Corporation
Booth/Stand: G15
Media Contact: Leigh Grace
Phone: 303-449-6400 x 1221
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: The Spectra T950 tape library for large to
enterprise companies handles 100 TB to 7.9 PB of data. The library
comes with LTO, SAIT, SDLT, and RXT RAID. The Spectra T120, designed
for medium to large companies, handles up to 200 TB , and contains LTO
and SAIT drives.

Company description: Spectra Logic Corporation is a leading
manufacturer of tape libraries that provide mission-critical data
protection and backup/archival and HSM for more than 17,000 customers
worldwide. Spectra Logic was the first vendor to automate Sony AIT and
introduce all-native Fibre Channel and iSCSI in a tape library.

Company: SysDM, Inc.
Booth/Stand: PP38
Media Contact: Janet Martin, 415 240-6904,
Investor Relations Contact: Tim Tokarsky, 212 228 1800,
Phone: 212 228 1800
Company URL:

Product description: With WysDM for Backups, enterprises are able
to meet their service agreements, backup within prescribed time
windows, and ensure their data is backed up and able to be restored.
The software gathers and correlates performance and configuration
information from enterprise-wide elements. The software consolidates
performance information and utilization information from all these
assets, highlighting bottlenecks.

Company description: Based in New York and London, SysDM is a
leading developer of innovative backup analysis solutions. The company
was founded in 2001 by technology executives and software engineers
from EMC, Goldman Sachs, Micromuse and StorageNetworks. Their vision
is to bring application-centric performance management to the world of
distributed computing.

Company: Texas Memory Systems
Media Contact: Woody Hutsell
Phone: 713-266-3200
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: Their RamSan line of solid state storage is
used to accelerate enterprise applications like OLTP databases, batch
processes, and data warehouses, modeling and video editing up to

Company description: Texas Memory Systems (
manufactures the World's Fastest Storage(R). Founded in 1978, TMS
sells direct and through a large international reseller channel to
large enterprise and government organizations. They also sell through
OEM and reseller partners.

Company: Topio
Booth/Stand: C19
Media Contact: Chris Hyrne
Investor Relations Contact: Marian Chabansky
Phone: (408) 350-9800
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

With support for heterogeneous servers, storage and storage
architectures, Topio supports continuous data protection over any
distance. Topio is a flexible solution that leverages and preserves
existing investment while not limiting future IT infrastructure
decisions, making it an excellent solution around which to build an
enterprise data protection strategy.

Founded in January 2001, privately held Topio develops and markets
heterogeneous disaster recovery and data protection solutions for the
enterprise market. TDPS is successfully running in Fortune 1000
production environments and Business Continuity Provider data centers.
Topio is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with EMEA
headquarters in London, UK.

Company: Troika Networks, Inc.
Booth/Stand: C7
Media Contact: Kim Amsbaugh, 650-480-4037
Phone: 805-371-1377
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: Troika Networks Accelera Network Storage
Servies Platform and ReadyPath technology enables enterprise customers
to dramatically improve data protection and management capabilities
through flexible network-based storage management solutions. Troika's
integrated solutions, application hosting platforms, and embedded
technology provide a cost-effective approach for implementing disaster
recovery, backup, and volume management functionality.

Company description: Troika Networks provides data protection and
management solutions, products, and technology for storage area
networks. Troika's products enable enterprises to leverage a new
generation of advanced data management and protection solutions.
Troika's network-based technology and platforms is designed for
optimizing storage applications, giving customers unprecedented
flexibility in choosing capabilities for their networks, while
leveraging existing infrastructure.

Company: Wasabi Systems Inc.
Booth/Stand: PP2
Company URL:

Product description:
Wasabi(R) Storage Builder(TM) for iSCSI, enabling OEMs produce
high-performance iSCSI target appliances. Modular, scalable, able to
run on off-the-shelf components - it's the industry-leading solution
for enabling native iSCSI target appliances, and optimized for
deployment on Intel(R) technology platforms.

Wasabi Storage(R) Builder for NAS(TM), helping OEMs significantly
reduce production costs of NAS devices, supplying all necessary
software components in a single package. By avoiding costly
development efforts, OEMs speed time to market and achieve better
operating margins.

Company Description: Wasabi Systems creates products and
services designed for OEMs to effectively design and deploy networked
storage devices, server appliances, and embedded systems. Based on
Wasabi's certified version of the NetBSD operating system, Wasabi's
products are industry leaders in iSCSI-enabled storage solutions and
OS tools, and Wasabi's professional services unite the power of open
source with the security of commercial support.

Company: WBEM Solutions, Inc.
Booth/Stand: C4
Media Contact: Troy Biegger
Phone: 978-947-3602
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: WBEM Solutions products and services enable
companies to deploy CIM, WBEM and SMI based management products with
less risk, resulting in lower total cost, accelerated time to market,
and increased interoperability. Products and Services include WBEM
Servers, Development Tools, Testing Tools, Consulting, Development and
Training for CIM, WBEM and SMI.

Company description: WBEM Solutions, the industry leader in
standards based enterprise management solutions for CIM, WBEM and SMI,
delivers products and services that enable companies to rapidly
deliver standards based management solutions. WBEM Solutions products
and services include management infrastructure, development tool kits,
automated testing tools, consulting, custom development and training

Company: XOsoft
Booth/Stand: G12
Media Contact: Gil Rapaport
Phone: 781.685.2995
Company URL:
Press Area URL:

Product description: XOsoft is a leading provider of continuous
application availability solutions that fully address business
continuity, disaster recovery and continuous backup needs. XOsoft
products ensure uninterrupted access to all types of file and
application servers, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and
Oracle Database, and allow instantaneous recovery from any type of

Company description: XOsoft's continuous application availability
solutions keep enterprises working. The company's patented business
continuity, disaster recovery and continuous data protection software
platforms significantly lower the risks of decreased productivity and
lost revenue by minimizing both planned and unplanned critical
application downtime. Many of the world's largest corporations and
government agencies have chosen XOsoft to ensure uninterrupted access
to their most valuable information assets.
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