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Storage Dimensions introduces high-performance, fault-tolerant storage system for Sun SPARCservers; leader in RAID storage enters Sun market with SuperFlex -- a scalable, integrated system providing affordable, flexible storage solutions for entry level and mid-range servers.

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 14, 1995--Pushing further into the UNIX market, Storage Dimensions today announced support for Sun SPARCservers running Solaris with its fault-tolerant, high-performance SuperFlex disk and tape storage systems.

With single-enclosure capacities from 1 to 28 GB, SuperFlex's modular design provides an affordable, non-stop storage solution for entry and mid-range UNIX servers, while accommodating growth to multiple terabytes (TB). An entry level (1 GB) JBOD system lists for $5,330; an entry level RAID system with 6 GB lists for $15,590.

A leading storage supplier to the PC server market for ten years, Storage Dimensions now also supports IBM RS/6000 and Sun SPARCserver. The company has plans to provide support for all major UNIX operating systems.

"Our customers have encouraged us to make our storage systems available for both their PC servers and UNIX systems," stated Gene Bowles, executive vice president of marketing for Storage Dimensions. "We are responding to their desires for very affordable, high-quality, fault-tolerant storage that supports multiple vendors' platforms and is flexible enough to adapt to different application needs. In this way, we are simplifying their assets management and lowering their overall cost of ownership."

Engineered to provide maximum extensibility, the SuperFlex design offers uninterrupted access to information through redundant, hot-swappable hardware components in individual rugged canisters. Depending on the level of data performance and availability desired, field-upgradable I/O controllers let companies configure SuperFlex for JBOD (string and duplex) and RAID levels 0, 1 (duplex), 0+1, and 5. In addition, by supporting NetWare, Windows NT and OS/2 along with UNIX, SuperFlex allows enterprisewide standardization on a single storage architecture.

Scalable, High-Performance Solution

SuperFlex's design incorporates seven bays, each capable of housing a 3.5" disk drive containing 1, 2, or 4 GB (up to 28 GB per enclosure). In a multiple enclosure configuration, SuperFlex supplies capacity into the multi-terabyte range. Because each SuperFlex controller can manage up to 14 disk drives recognized as a single SCSI device, capacity is limited only by the number of SCSI channels employed by the corporate user.

With the SuperFlex array controller, RAIDFlex, the system operates as a high-performance disk array, with each array controller able to sustain transfer rates up to 18.5 MB/second. SuperFlex with RAIDFlex provides a cache option of up to 32 MB per controller for write-back and write-through caching.

For dedicated backup, SuperFlex can also be adapted to support one to seven DDS-2 DAT tape modules, providing up to 56 GB of unattended backup with 2:1 compression. By streaming seven jobs concurrently, SuperFlex in a tape configuration (SuperFlex TapeArray) allows users to maximize performance by reading and writing data more quickly and efficiently. This parallel-streaming network backup solution runs at speeds up to 200 MB/minute. In addition, SuperFlex can be configured to support a mix of disk drives and tape modules in one enclosure for integrated backup.

Resiliency and Adaptability

To maintain non-stop storage availability, SuperFlex incorporates independent components that are hot-swappable under load. Unlike systems that are designed with dependencies between components, resulting in increased probability of failure or disruption in operation, the SuperFlex design separates all components into redundant systems, thereby maximizing data availability.

For example, one competing system is designed with multiple drives in a single drive tray. Replacing a single drive requires suspending computer operations as all drives within a tray need to be brought off-line during repair. In addition, some competing systems integrate power, fan, and disk drives into one module.

If a fan fails, the entire module has to be replaced even though the disk may be fine. By housing the power supplies, fans and drives in separate modules, SuperFlex allows individual parts to be disconnected and replaced without interrupting access to data.

As a highly adaptable solution, SuperFlex features field-upgradable I/O modules and a cableless backplane with a dual SCSI bus. By simply switching the I/O module, SuperFlex can be easily converted in the field to support JBOD, duplex or array configurations. The jumper-configurable dual SCSI-bus backplane transparently supports fast/wide and standard SCSI-2 storage modules.

In addition, SuperFlex reflects the Storage Dimensions Enterprise Storage Platform concept, providing solutions that run across operating environments. In this way, SuperFlex allows customers to standardize storage solutions across the company while providing an easy migration path to newer technologies and changing client/server storage requirements.

Extensive Service and Support

SuperFlex is easily serviced in the field via front and rear panel access to drive, fan, and power supply modules. All disk drives come with a five-year SpeedExchange warranty, whereby disk drive modules are replaced within 24 hours. The SpeedExchange program also extends a one-year warranty for tape drives and three years for all other components. One-year on-site service is also provided.

In addition to business-hour phone assistance, customers have 24 hour on-line access to technical support through Storage Dimensions TechConnect information knowledgebase (Internet ID: TechConnect automatically provides users with detailed context-sensitive support information on any of Storage Dimensions' products as well as products from a wide variety of vendors.

Availability and Pricing

SuperFlex for Sun will begin shipping in April. Pricing ranges from $5,330 for a 1 GB entry level system to $37,760 for a fully configured RAID 5 solution with 24 GB of available storage. Pricing will alter depending on configuration.

Founded in 1985, Storage Dimensions is an ISO 9002-certified vendor of high-performance, high-availability storage systems for a broad range of platforms across the enterprise. The company's products are designed to provide true non-stop, fault-tolerant storage and high-speed back-up for a variety of FORTUNE 1000 customers in industries such as banking/finance, retail, insurance, utilities, and government.

Storage Dimensions products are available both direct from the company and through a worldwide network of authorized resellers and distributors. The company is located at 1656 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035 and can be reached at 408/954-0710.

CONTACT: Storage Dimensions

Jeannie Slone, 408/894-1446

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Date:Mar 14, 1995
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