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Storage Dimensions First to Ship 9.1 GB Low Profile Disk Drives in a Small-Footprint External RAID Storage System.

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 15, 1997--

New 9.1 GB Low Profile Drives Address Higher Capacity

Needs of Entry-Level RAID Market at a Lower Cost Per MB

Storage Dimensions (NASDAQ:STDM), the leading independent vendor of high-availability RAID storage systems for the PC-LAN market, today announced that it is now shipping 9.1 gigabyte (GB) 7200 RPM low profile disk drives in its popular RAIDPro(TM) VL and RAIDPro XL RAID storage systems for entry-level PC servers and professional workstations.

With the new 9.1 GB drives, RAIDPro provides up to 45.5 GB of RAID 5 storage, while maintaining a uniquely small footprint. This allows RAIDPro customers to meet the increasingly higher capacity demands of today's data-hungry applications such as email servers, internet/intranet servers, database management, video, and CAD at a low cost per megabyte.

An ideal product for channel sales, RAIDPro with 9.1 GB disk drives arms resellers with a robust plug and play RAID storage solution that addresses a wide range of customer storage requirements at an attractive price.

"By being the first major third party storage vendor to offer 9.1 GB low profile drives, we are meeting the growing capacity and storage cost reduction needs of our entry-level server and professional workstation customers, while providing our resellers with a strong competitive advantage," said David Snook, product line manager for Storage Dimensions. "We continue to work closely with the major drive vendors to assure that Storage Dimensions is always among the very first to offer the latest in drive capacity and performance innovations, while continuing to lower the cost of storage ownership.

RAIDPro's Small Footprint is Big Advantage

RAIDPro has a footprint that is approximately the size of a legal pad and is less than six inches high. This uniquely compact size allows RAIDPro to provide up to 45.5 GB of powerful, fault-tolerant storage while sitting unobtrusively on a desktop or on top of a PC server cabinet.

"Storage Dimensions customers are quite surprised when they see the actual size of RAIDPro. You truly have to see it to believe it," added Snook.

RAIDPro Provides Advantages over Internal Storage Systems

The server-independent, external RAIDPro storage system offers significant scalability, performance, resiliency, ease of use, and standardization advantages over entry-level internal storage systems from server manufacturers such as Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM, while offering a comparable or lower price.

When storage is internal to the server, expansion is limited to the number of drive bays in the server. Entry-level servers and workstations are typically limited to three bays. By contrast, RAIDPro enables organizations to start with as few as three disk drives and scale up to six drives. As capacity needs continue to grow, the RAIDPro XL model makes it easy to add a second drive enclosure, bringing the total number of drives to 12 with usable capacity of 91 GB.

The six-drive RAIDPro offers better performance than a three-drive internal storage system because performance improves when the number of disk drives in a storage system increases. RAIDPro also provides higher resiliency by allowing for the use of one or more hot spare drives, an option that is not practical for internal storage solutions since their limited number of drive bays can not accommodate both a hot spare drive and a RAID 5 configuration.

RAIDPro is a plug-and-play RAID storage solution with ease-of-use features not available in entry level internal storage systems. For example, the system's DGR (Dynamic Growth and Reconfiguration) RAIDCard(TM) controller enables a system administrator to add capacity or reassign RAID levels while the system is on-line and accessible to users.

RAIDPro allows for standardization of storage. Because the system is server independent, it can be used on a variety of server platforms in heterogeneous environments. As a result, RAIDPro extends the usable life of a customer's storage investment and reduces support costs.

RAIDPro Provides High Availability for Mission-Critical Requirements

RAIDPro incorporates the resiliency features of high-end external RAID storage systems, enabling it to withstand component failures while remaining on-line and available to users during the replacement of failed components. Multiple hot-spare disk drives, triple redundant power supplies, and dual redundant cooling fan modules are all hot-swappable under load. RAIDPro is also SAF-TE (SCSI Accessed Fault Tolerant Enclosure) version 1.0 compliant, providing extensive system monitoring capabilities.

Availability, Pricing, and Support

RAIDPro is now shipping with 9.1 GB disk drives. A RAIDPro VL system with three 9.1 GB disk drives and a one-channel DGR RAIDCard controller with 16 MB cache starts at $7,818. A fully-loaded RAIDPro XL system with six 9.1 GB drives and a two-channel UltraSCSI DGR RAIDCard controller with 32 MB cache is priced at $14,305. Disk drives are also available in 4.3 GB capacities for RAIDPro VL and XL systems, and cache in both systems is upgradeable to 64 MB. Storage Dimensions will continue to ship RAIDPro LC with 4.3 GB drives exclusively in order to deliver an extremely cost-effective alternative for low capacity entry-level requirements.

Storage Dimensions backs exceptional product quality with their exclusive five-year SpeedExchange(SM) warranty, which provides a replacement product to a customer within 24 hours of a request. -0-

Founded in 1985, Storage Dimensions designs, manufactures, markets, and supports a broad family of disk and tape storage systems designed to satisfy the high-performance, fault-tolerance, and high-availability requirements of the PC-LAN market. The Company, which focuses on reducing the life-cycle cost of ownership of network storage, also develops and supports selected products for the Unix market. Storage Dimensions' products are sold through its own field sales force in combination with multi-tiered distribution channels. For more information, contact Storage Dimensions at 1656 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, Calif. 95035, 408/954-0710, or visit

CONTACT: Storage Dimensions

Criss Marshall/Liz Wageck, 408/894-1420


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Date:Dec 15, 1997
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