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Stora Enso Natura has been reformed.

Striving for maximum environmental efficiency in liquid packaging, Stora Enso Natura has been reformed.

Stora Enso Natura liquid packaging board now offers improved print quality and lower basis weight. This improvement was implemented in response to customers' requirements for stability, high quality and environmental benefits through improved material efficiency.

"The quality of the new Stora Enso Natura reflects our commitment and market leadership in the development of liquid packaging board that provides the utmost material efficiency, a low carbon footprint and excellent packaging performance," says Vesa Simola, SVP Liquid and Food Service Board at Stora Enso.

When fewer raw materials are needed for production, the process becomes more effective and energy-efficient. Energy efficiency also improves carbon footprint figures. In recent decades, Stora Enso has established a track record of reducing the basis weight of liquid packaging. As a result, today's cartons are substantially lighter than before, while still striving for higher performance. "Thanks to the development and expertise gained over the years, the efficiency of our multilayer boards with three pulp components has already been very high in terms of raw material consumption. Therefore, I'm particularly proud of our current step forward in this demanding field and our ability to support our customers' and brand owners' efforts to meet their environmental targets," says Simola.

Lower-weight packaging board helps brand owners to meet the requirements of the EU packaging directive to minimise the impact of packaging and packaging waste on the environment. Improved material efficiency generates savings in material and transport costs and environmental fees.

The improved quality of Stora Enso Natura was made possible by a EUR 45m investment in the Board Machine 4 at Stora Enso Imatra Mills in Finland during 2008 and 2009. This large-scale investment included reforms in the wet end, press section and calender.

"Customers' demands have been the driving force for our development work. Thanks to this investment, we have been able to strengthen our leadership position and stay ahead of our competitors," says Simola. The Stora Enso Natura range covers board grades for packaging of milk and dairy products, juice, tea, coffee, wine and water.

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Date:Mar 1, 2010
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