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Stop turning these vile monsters into heroes.

Byline: Joan Burnie

IT won't be long, I reckon, before, someone starts a Facebook page in support of the mass murderer Peter Tobin, What? They already have? Hardly a surprise then. It seems all you have to do these days to become a "legend" and "hero" is to batter women and assault kids before really upping the ante and going on a full-on killing spree.

So maybe Tobin went a wee bit further than some, although how far we don't yet know, but hey I'm sure he too was driven to it by "the system" not to mention the police, women and, of course, his mother.

See, she won't have loved him enough. Now if only she'd given him more hugs, Peter would have been a model citizen.

I'm also sure Tobin is as full of self pity and self righteousness as that cowardly scum who ended his own worthless life in that field in Northumberland last week. The only pity is that he didn't do it sooner.

I will not soil this page by writing his name.

He had more than enough publicity before and after his timely death and needs no more from me.

The world is better off without him and nothing, NOTHING whatsoever, justifies what he did.

But then neither does anything justify the warped, inexplicable behaviour of those I can only call his disciples who seem to have turned him into their little tin god and whose illiterate, repellant messages are currently sullying the internet. To quote one: "Enuff respect my man.

Your da best soldier2ever cum outa da north."

Calling this pathetic, inadequate piece of ordure who, even before he became a killer attacked women and kids, a "soldier" defeats me and insults genuine soldiers who cum outa anywhere.

Few of those expressing their admiration have much sympathy for his victims. Who they? As far as the majority are concerned, what happened to them was irrelevant. Or, worse, they brought it upon themselves. But I wouldn't, as David Cameron wishes, ban these messages, no matter how vile.

It's not just about free speech but maybe we needed to know just how many other nutters out there think a girlfriend who allegedly does you wrong deserves to be disfigured for life and any new partner of hers killed.

I hope the police keep tabs on them. Not that those spewing out this rubbish are by any means only men.

There are plenty women whose dream man is apparently someone whose idea of foreplay is extreme violence and who long for a man to punch his way into their affections.

Then there are the shrines with flowers or soft toys reverently set up in his name.

It's obscene and mocks those who suffered at his hands. The fact that last week's drama was played out live on TV hasn't helped.

I don't blame the cameras for following every move of the man hunt, even if it seems it encouraged some to get off on the whole thing almost as if it was a vile game show - "I'm a Murderer, Get Me Out of Here!" Well, now he is - very permanently out of here.

I say RIP (Let him Rot in Privacy).


ON FACEBOOK: Mass murderer Peter Tobin, left, and dead gunman Raoul Moat have deluded followers
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 16, 2010
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