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Stop the Deep State Plan for a UN World Government!

[There is a plan] to induce the gradual surrender of American sovereignty, piece by piece and step by step, to various international organizations --of which the United Nations is the outstanding but far from the only example.... Until one day we shall gradually realize that we are already just a part of a worldwide government.

--Robert Welch, December 9, 1958

Robert Welch nailed it in 1958! He was nearing the end of his marathon two-day presentation at the founding meeting of The John Birch Society (of which The New American is a wholly owned subsidiary) in Indianapolis when he issued the above stern warning about the danger to freedom posed by the United Nations. He correctly identified the existence of a plan by the globalist establishment, often described in America today as the "Deep State," to gradually surrender our sovereignty to the United Nations until we would one day realize that we were already just a part of a UN world government.

Sixty years later, President Trump is openly flirting with either rejecting our role in the UN world government scheme or fully embracing it. For example, according a September 18, 2017 article in USA Today, "Trump, a long-time critic of the U.N., said in a four-minute speech earlier Monday that the United Nations has not reached its full potential 'because of bureaucracy and mismanagement.'" Nearly a year later, the jury is still out on Trump's ultimate position on the UN. However, the large number of globalists appointed to key positions within the Trump administration makes it likely that Trump will not be leading the United States out of the UN anytime soon.

On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton had won, we absolutely know that we would still be on the road to serfdom in a worldwide UN government. Polling data backs up this assessment. The Pew Research Center reported on September 20, 2016 the results of 26 years of polling regarding the UN. The report showed that during the past 26 years, the percentage of Democrats with a favorable view of the UN increased from 73 to 80, while Republicans with a favorable view decreased from 68 percent to only 43 percent.

The various articles in this TNA "Deep State in Action" special report provide detailed evidence in the areas of immigration, trade, the environment, money, and national security for the existence of a Deep State plan by globalists to bring about a worldwide government led by the United Nations.

Not only did Robert Welch warn his fellow Americans in 1958 about the plan to submerge our national sovereignty in a UN world government, but by early 1962 he was regularly exhorting the members of The John Birch Society to Get US Out! of the United Nations. And all these decades later, the Get US Out! of the UN campaign is still on the front burner of the JBS agenda.

Back in 1997, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) introduced H.R. 1146, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, which would get the United States out of the UN. Since then, this bill has been reintroduced under the same name every two years. Representative Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) introduced the latest version of this bill in January 2017, and the bill's number is now H.R. 193.

Besides the House bills to terminate U.S. membership in the UN, there have been some notable votes in the House to cease all funding for the UN. In 1999, 74 representatives voted to do so. By 2011, the number voting to cease all funding for the UN had grown to 177, just 41 short of the 218 required for a majority in the House.

There are other reasons to be optimistic about our chances of getting out of the UN. President Trump has taken several good actions to end U.S. participation in various UN activities, such as initiating the withdrawal of our nation from the Paris Climate Agreement and actually withdrawing from the UN Global Compact on Migration, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the UN Human Rights Council.

Please use this "Deep State in Action" TNA special report to educate your fellow citizens about the plan to surrender our national sovereignty to a UN world government. Then urge them to phone President Trump (202-456-1111) and their representative (202-225-3121) and senators (202-224-3121) in support of H.R. 193, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. Also, urge them to go to to send an e-mail to Trump and their congressmen with the same message.

Getting the United States out of the UN is going to be difficult. However, doing so is absolutely necessary for the continued enjoyment of our personal rights and freedoms. So we will simply have to find the determination to influence enough freedom-loving Americans to join The John Birch Society and help Get US Out!
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