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Stop short circuiting short.

If the battery isn't installed correctly in your M16 rifle or M4 carbine's M68 reflex sight, you can short circuit the sight. And that short circuits your own sighting.

So here's what you need to do when you install the battery:

* Remove the battery cap by turning it counterclockwise.

* Check that the rubber O-ring is on the 6-pronged connection post (some earlier versions may not have the O-ring).

* Eyeball the spring connector for corrosion. Make sure the connector sticks up slightly from the foam pad. If you spot corrosion, clean if off with a wire brush.

* Check that the rubber O-ring is on the battery cap. It prevents corrosion.

* Insert the battery in the center of the battery cap with the positive end towards the cap. Never use your finger to force the battery into the battery compartment against the contacts. Don't bend or move the prongs for better battery contact. That could lead to a short circuit.

* Never bend, cut, or modify in any way the O-ring, foam pad, spring connector, 6-pronged clip, or batter cap. That could ruin the M68.

* Turn the battery cap clockwise until it's handtight. Don't force it tighter or you could damage the sight.

* Turn the rotary switch clockwise to make sure the red dot appears.
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