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Stop plugging ahead.

New roadwheel arms come with pipe plugs installed. Unless you mechanics replace the plugs with relief valves and grease fittings, you'll have to install more new roadwheel arms again real soon.

That's because crewmen can't lube the arms when there are no grease fittings. With no grease, the bearings burn out. It's that simple.

So pull the plugs and put in a safety relief valve, NSN 4820-01-070-7670, and grease fitting, NSN 4730-00-050-4208. whenever you put on a new roadwheel arm.

By the way, don't be fooled by the roadwheel arms on M113A3s. The threads are recessed in a larger hole, but they still take the same relief valve and grease fitting as other M113-series vehicles. The larger hole is there to protect the fittings from damage.
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