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Stop leaking profits.

Multivac's A200 Leak Detector accelerates the time it takes manufacturers and packets to discover microholes and potential flaws in seals in packaged foods and the critical neck area of plastic bottles. The machine uses a chamber to create a suitable vacuum which identifies poor seals, microholes and potential flaws a great deal earlier. It means that minute defects are shown up in a few minutes, rather than when thousands of pounds worth of products could have been packed, only to be thrown away later.

May food packers have the leak detectors next to the production line, so that packaged products can be tested as quickly as and potentially expensive leaking packs identified immediately.

Other manufacturers have used Multivac's Leak Detector in R & D trials as a means of developing new designs and testing new pack concepts. The same machine is being used to detect potential problems with closures, containers, sachets and prototype designs samples.

Contact Multivac UK Ltd on tel: 01793 425800
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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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