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Stop gay bashing, says star.

SIR Elton John has urged the public to stand up and speak out against homophobia.

The singer called on people to "shout down" the abuse faced by many around the world.

He said: "In December 2005, I was legally bound to the man I love. It's my legal right and my human right. And I wanted everyone to know, I wanted to shout about it.

"In some countries, my voice would have been drowned out. Maybe even stamped out."

Sir Elton, who celebrates his 60th birthday on Sunday, drew particular attention to the case of William Hernandez, a gay rights activist from El Salvador who was threatened at gunpoint and had his offices raided last year.

In the interview in The New Statesman, Sir Elton said: "People like William are a lot braver than me. When the bigots shout abuse, they shout back."

Meanwhile, it was announced yesterday that Sir Elton's entire back catalogue is to be made available for online downloading.


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 22, 2007
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