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Stony Brook Red Boston Beer Company Boston, MA.

Boston has released another bottling of its barrel room collection, a group of Belgian-inspired, barrel-aged beers. We tasted all three, but it was the Stony Brook Red that really stood out for its bright, lively flavor. You expect a certain level of complexity in a beer that's fermented with Belgian yeast and aged in a barrel, and Stony Brook Red has that, but it's also refreshing and fun to drink.

"Worcestershire sauce in the nose," said taster Phil Simpson.

"Soft nose, a light Worcestershire," Gregg Glaser agreed.

"Great flavor, sweet and sour cherries," said Robert Lachman.

"Really soft and drinkable, very nice," said Tess Szamatulski. "It's an American slant on Flanders Red, quite restrained, but very good. I'd like this with some kind of rabbit dish."

"Tart and sour," said restaurateur Frank Whitman. "It's a complicated beer, lots of moving parts, but the acidity would make it a good food beer."

"Like a Rodenbach Light," said Zok. "Not too acidic, a little lactic, and no Brett. A good easy-drinking version of Rodenbach."

"A good experiment," said Phil Simpson. "Tasters seem to be comparing it to Rodenbach, it's not quite that. It's a bit tame, but a good introductory beer for someone interested in exploring more Belgian flavors. A bit on the sweet side, but really nice flavor."

Brewers or importers desiring inclusion in our panel tasting sessions, are welcome to send samples (two 12-ounce, one 22-ounce or the volume equivalents) to: Modern Brewery Age, 44 Indian Valley Road, Weston, CT 06883.
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Date:Jun 13, 2012
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