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Stoner & Spaz. (Audiobooks: Fiction).

STONER & SPAZ. Ron Koertge. 2002/2003. Read by Josh Hamilton. 2 tapes. 3 hrs. Listening Library, Random House Audio. $18.00. 0-8072-1245-8. Cardboard; plot, author, reader notes.

From KLIATT's starred review of the book, May 2002: "Ben, age 16, is so embarrassed by his cerebral palsy that he spends much of his time hiding out alone in the dark of a movie theater-until he runs into a classmate named Colleen there, a pale, tattooed, blunt-spoken druggie with her own demons to escape, A tentative friendship develops and grows into something more as Colleen draws Ben out of his shell, away from the overprotective grandmother who is raising him. At the same time, a new neighbor offers Ben the opportunity to make his own movies... The dialogue is what really makes this tale of an odd couple stand out..."

Hamilton's reading is excellent. He captures Ben's original lack of self-confidence in his voice, and the gradual building of his selfe-steem and self-assurance. He does not voice all the characters, but has captured well the cynicism, humor and hope of adolescence in his reading. Carol Kellerman, Santa Fe, NM
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Author:Kellerman, Carol
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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