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Stone with the inscription of Sultan Zaheer ud Din Babar, Tajikistan.

To the right, by separate line, in Arabic "wrote this Babur. 917. [ year of hegira = 1511 - 1512] ", the sultan of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babar (1483 - 1530)- entered the history as founder of the dynasty of Great Mughal in India.

He thoroughly described himself the complete dramatic events of life in the comprised "Boburnome" ("the notes of Bobur"). Reporting about his stay in the upper flow of Zeravshan - in the match, in the settlement of Obburdon in the Republic of Tajikistan, it mentions about the fact that it cut out to three of double-lines stanza stone- in source and gave them.

On the ground natural surface, in the limited by feature section (20 x 30), is cut out the inscription by the handwriting of Nastalik of six lines written in verse in the Persian language (two middle lines - to the left of the rest and perpendicular to them), quoted from "Bustan" of Saadi: "I heard, that Jamshed, blissful by nature, Wrote on the stone by the source: "By this source many, as we, rested, And left in order [forever] close its eyes.

We took peace by courage and by force, But did not take away [it] with ourselves into the grave ".

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Date:Jan 31, 2014
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