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How amazing is our little "Stompie"--having survived so long with only a piece of his trunk left after it was severed in a snare at least four years ago ... See him having to get on his knees to reach the water and drink with his short trunk. Being tuskless, he is further disadvantaged when it comes to eating. Other eles help him strip bark and so on ... quite incredible.

Pat Townsend--Gache Gache Lodge, Kariba.


Dear Editor

We had the pleasure of attending the wedding of our dear friends Chiara and Dane Mommsen on Spurwing Island over the weekend of the 7th of May. While this was our main mission, we of course found the time to go fishing on the morning of the wedding! While bream fishing, and after a couple of runs and a lost fish (presumed barbel at the time), my mate Wayne Du Plessis (right) and I managed to land these two beauties off similar takes. I'm told these are noteworthy catches and chessa had become somewhat of a rarity in the lake. Fantastic bream fishing was also had amongst some trees without drowning hundreds of dollars-worth of game blocks or masses. Perhaps the rising water is having, and will continue to have, positive effects on Kariba fishing. Thank you for your magazine.

Scott McDonnell

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Title Annotation:Gallery
Publication:African Fisherman
Date:Aug 1, 2016
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