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Stolen generations. (Racefile).

A monument-in-construction has become the center of debate among Aboriginal communities and has thrust the issue of Aboriginal recognition into the Australian spotlight. Plans for the "Reconciliation Memorial" in Canberra, Australia, have incensed members of the "Stolen Generations" and their supporters, who accuse the Australian government of attempting to whitewash the history of the forced removal of over 50,000 Aboriginal children from their parents.

The policy, intended to assimilate the children--referred to now as "the stolen generations" -- into white society, was initiated in the 1880s and continued into the 1970s. The movement for recognition of the experience of the stolen generations is part of a broader movement towards reconciliation between Aboriginal communities and the Australian government.

The Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, who has repeatedly refused to apologize to the stolen generations, has aggravated his administration's difficult relationship with Aboriginal groups by failing to adequately consult with representatives of the stolen generations in developing the memorial.

Aboriginal groups held a protest rally in mid-December when it was discovered that key elements of the memorial dealing with the policy of forced removal would feature "images of children at play, in foster homes and at school," with a recording of children singing.

Samantha Chanse, "RaceFile." Samantha is a part-time researcher at the Applied Research Center. She has worked at Californians For Justice during the campaigns to defeat Propositions 209, 227, and 226.
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Title Annotation:Aborigines protest Canberra monument, Australia
Author:Chanse, Samantha
Publication:Colorlines Magazine
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Date:Mar 22, 2002
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