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Stolen Victoria Cross recovered.

The Victoria Cross awarded to Ukrainian born Canadian soldier Corporal Filip Konowal that disappeared from the Canadian War Museum about 30 years ago was back on public display in Ottawa on Monday, 23 August 2004. Its whereabouts in those 30 years is unknown except that Canadian Broadcasting Commission Geoff Ellwand has revealed that in the early 1990s a well-dressed woman in her thirties brought it and a Hawaiian silver dollar into a local coin dealer's shop. Told, wrongly, that both were fakes, she sold them, got $20 and went away content.

Ukrainian-Canadian historian Lubomyr Luciuk had been searching for the Konowal medal since the 1980's and was told by the Canadian War Museum that the VC was misplaced not stolen!. On Friday, 2 April 2004, Iain Stewart who runs the premier Victoria Cross website heard reports that Konowal's VC was for sale by Jeffrey Hoare Auctions of London, Ontario and e-mailed this information to Lubomyr Luciuk. He contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who secured the VC and authenticated it as Konowal's VC.
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Title Annotation:Victoria Cross Noticeboard
Author:Staunton, Anthony
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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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