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Stoker, Bram (adapted by Jason Cobley, artwork by Staz Johnson etc.): Dracula: The Graphic Novel (Quick Text).

Stoker, Bram (adapted by Jason Cobley, artwork by Staz Johnson etc.)

Dracula: The Graphic Novel (Quick Text)

Classical Comics, 2011, pp144, 9.99 [pounds sterling]

978 1 906332 26 6

(Original text edition: 978 1 906332 25 9)


The latest in the series of classics converted into graphic novels with a choice of original or 'quick' text, the artwork certainly does not disappoint--plenty of dark, foreboding gothic castles, red-eyed vampires and partially ripped bodices. Dracula follows Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights, A Christmas Carol, and Great Expectations into print, along with a selection of Shakespeare plays.


The cover claims 'the full story in quick modern English for a fast paced read'! The story certainly bounces along at a great rate of knots, and concentration is needed to work out whose neck is next for the chop. The original format of the book--with copies of diary entries, telegrams and journals, is stylishly reproduced, and the book contains an interesting mini-biography of Stoker, and a step-by-step explanation of the graphic and artistic process. However, if this is the 'quick text' version of the book, couldn't the Dramatis Personae and Prologue be re-named? And certainly, the 'quick modern English' needs updating further. The language still seems stilted and old-fashioned--why not introduce some more modern words and abbreviations?

Suitable for 12 to 16-year-olds, reluctant readers and those looking for a short introduction to this classic work.

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Author:King, Stephen
Publication:School Librarian
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Date:Mar 22, 2012
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