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Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. Exhibits and Presents at the 102nd IDEA / 16th CDEA Annual Conference & Trade Show.

Randleman, NC, April 22, 2011 --( Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. (SITS) announces that it will exhibit at the 102nd IDEA (International District Energy Association) and 16th Annual CDEA (Canadian District Energy Association) Conference. In addition, Greg Stockton, the founder and President of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. will present a paper "Developments in Aerial Thermal Infrared Surveying of District Energy Systems".

Stockton Infrared is one of the USA's leading providers of infrared (IR) thermographic services. SITS was founded by Gregory R. Stockton in 1989 and has innovated numerous infrared applications. Services provided include a wide range of aerial infrared products including: ThermalMapIR[TM], Roof Moisture FindIR[TM], Steam Leak FindIR[TM], Pollution FindIR[TM] and Animal FindIR[TM] along with other services such as BuildScanIRServices[TM], IRResearcher[TM] as well as an on-line store, ContractIR[TM], and an electrical infrared services bidding website, ConnectIR[TM].

Mr. Stockton's presentation focuses on the benefits of Aerial Thermal Infrared Surveying for District Energy Systems. Because of the advances in sensor technology over the past few years, the costs of aerial thermal infrared surveys has declined to a point where annual or semi-annual surveys are within the budget of almost all district energy system operators. Thermal data collected can be used for asset management planning and predictive maintenance (PdM), as supply steam and condensate return lines, hot water lines, chilled water lines, and other distribution piping can be monitored by looking at surface temperature patterns.

The conference takes place June 26th-29th, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This joint conference - combining the 102nd Annual Conference of the International District Energy Association (IDEA) with the 16th Annual Conference of the Canadian District Energy Association (CDEA) - will bring the global district energy industry together in one of North America's most progressive and robust energy markets. Entitled "Essential Infrastructure for Energy Efficient Communities," this conference will showcase highly efficient clean district energy technologies deployed on an urban scale. Participants will hear from industry and government on effective policies that stimulate investment in community-scale energy infrastructure necessary for a truly sustainable local economy.

"We are excited to participate in this conference and to be able to present the benefits of aerial infrared surveying for District Energy Systems," states Mr. Stockton.

To learn about the amazing technology of infrared thermography and its capabilities, or call 800-248-7226. To learn more about Stockton's Aerial Infrared Services, please visit


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Date:Apr 22, 2011
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