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Stocking stuffers you can buy with one quick stop.

When you want to buy a gift but you don't want to deal with shopping center parking lots and department store crowds, local specialty stores such as the five-and-dime, drugstore, or grocery can be a quick help.

Pictured here and on page 148 are our suggestions from five types of local stores. Most items are in the $1 to $2 range. Use them to make up a gift kit or as stocking stuffers.

Other one-stop sources might include a stationery store, where you could equip the desk of a student or office worker with small necessities: pens, pencils, pushpins, tape, clips, note pads, small stapler, appointment calendar, all-occasion greeting cards, perhaps a card-size calculator.

For the camera bug, visit a photography store, where you can pick up film, flash cubes and batteries, lens cleaners, a magnifier for viewing slides, a photo or slide album, a remote shutter release, or a miniature tripod.

For the grooming perfectionist, try a shoe-care kit--a set of polishes and pastes, brush applicators, a buffing brush, cloths, and perhaps some dress and sport laces, heel guards, and a shoe horn.
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Title Annotation:Christmas gifts
Date:Dec 1, 1985
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