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Stockhausen adds SAP line.

The start-up of a new 20,000 metric ton capacity facility for the production of superabsorbent polymers was completed by Stockhausen GmbH, Krefeld, Germany. Total superabsorbent polymer production capacity is now in excess of 50,000 metric tons annually. Stockhausen also has a 33,000 metric ton capacity production facility in Greensboro, NC.

The superabsorbent technology has previously been licensed to Nalco Chemical and to Formosa Plastics. Stockhausen's "Favor" superabsorbent polymers are primarily utilized in the production of personal care products such as baby diapers, feminine hygiene articles and adult incontinence products.
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Title Annotation:International News; superabsorbent polymers
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:May 1, 1992
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