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Stirling not on a par with Venice or Rome; Stirling viewLETTERS TO THE EDITOR.

The Observer reported last Friday how Stirling Council leader Scott Farmer said a consultation and analysis should be carried out before Stirling Council considers introducing an overnight charge for visitors staying in guest accommodation in the area.

Stirling Observer readers took to our Facebook page to share their opinions on the idea.

Veronica Korkut said:"Definitely. Many tourist destinations do this. Doubt it would stop people coming. Provided the proceeds are ploughed back into the city."

Rai F G Sciortino said:"Stupid idea. It should be called the 'how to keep tourists away tax'. Do the council think they are on par with the likes of Rome andVenice? In my opinion Stirling is struggling to promote itself and needs better marketing."

Allan Mckinnon posted: "It's known as a nuisance tax abroad and seen as an unfriendly act, a scam."

Leeze Lawrence added:"Sadly, the marketing done for the city is where the money needs to be spent rather than charging people who want to come. I say invest measures to attract people who don't know Stirling exists instead of bringing in stealth taxes on those that want to visit. Allow them the ability to spend that money."

Alistair Mcdonald said:"This is a bad idea. Our country is really expensive if you're a tourist. Food, drinks, travel and entry to visited sites are all higher than abroad. I don't think people who make these suggestions compare the cost of a holiday here versus abroad very well."

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Publication:Stirling Observer (Stirling, Scotland)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 19, 2018
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