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Still waiting. (Off the Record).

Five years ago, then SJR radio columnist Larry Hoffman lamented the fact that a city the size of St. Louis had a daily newspaper without a full-time radio columnist: "One of the more amazing situations in local media continues to be the complete absence of a regular radio column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The Post has consistently ignored the fact that there is enough going on in local radio to feature, at least, a monthly column of business and format trends, management and personnel changes, and news of station sales and acquisitions. Readers want to hear about such developments..."

According to Arbitron, nearly 2 million people over age 12 in St. Louis listen to the radio at some time during an average week. To these people, radio must hold some degree of importance. Here at SJR, we have not one, but two regular radio columns, each written by someone who knows the business. It's not asking too much of the Post that it hires someone who knows and understands the business and then run a regular column on radio.
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Title Annotation:newspaper coverage of local radio
Author:Bishop, Ed
Publication:St. Louis Journalism Review
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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