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Still unique and way out in front.

LUXICOT is the trademark for the finest and most easily processible cotton fiber for nonwovens, produced by the unique continuous bleaching process of Edward Hall Limited.

Cotton Inc.'s success in establishing brand recognition of the Cotton Seal in the U.S. is being emulated by LUXICOT in the U.K., Europe and now also in the U.S.

The consumer's preference for cotton is giving marketers a head start as cotton and cotton blend nonwovens are being increasingly demanded, starting in retail wipes, through kitchen, do-it-yourself and car care, industrial wipes and into general purpose hospital and medical wipes. These end uses, which have always been very price sensitive, are from the thermal bonded stable. By the inclusion of Luxicot, distributors are now finding they can trade up on both value and performance in their wiping products, giving the customer a better product and better turnover for themselves. On-pack promotion, using "cotton" and "LUXICOT" is a |natural' attraction to consumers.

In more demanding areas still, such as specialty medical gauze, specialty wipes and the fast growing wet wipes field, cotton in the form of LUXICOT is again proving that the consumer knows what he or she wants when 100% cotton products are demanded in the form of spunlaced cotton fabrics.

Further progress in the field of semi-durables for sheets, pillowcases and comforter covers is expected as a new generation of nonwovens begins to hit the market in preference to disposables.

Only from Edward Hall can the LUXICOT product be obtained, together with unrivalled in-house technical support in the form of AFIS testing and control, plus unique finish friction matching to provide exactly the lubrication processing aid that your processing route may need.

Edward Hall justly claims to be the leading cotton fiber bleacher in the world and in cotton for nonwovens, and thanks to LUXICOT, the company is still way out in front.

If you want to know more, please contact Tony Dix, Duncan Rhodes or Ian Hollis; Tel: 0663 734555; Fax: 0663 733003.
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Title Annotation:10th Annual Show in Print of the International Nonwovens Industry; Edward Hall Ltd.'s LUXICOT - trademark for cotton fiber for nonwovens
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:May 1, 1992
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