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Still splitting wood at 69. (country lore Reader's tips to live by).

I have enjoyed MOTHER EARTH NEWS for years and years. At age 69, I do not get into very large projects anymore, but I still split my own firewood. I bought the mechanical wood splitter advertised in your magazine (November 2001) and find it easy to operate and a great, cheap way to split wood rounds. I could not afford a gas wood splitter, nor do I have the strength to split wood using a maul. But this one allows me to split even knotty rounds.

The splitter is the Mean Green Splitting Machine, available from; (877) 251-9900. It costs $100 plus shipping. If you buy the oak base, it comes with a spring and nylon washer that make it work better. The base, however, is hard to put together just right.

Elk, Washington
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Author:Uhler, Joanna
Publication:Mother Earth News
Date:Aug 1, 2002
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