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Still Catholic After All These Years.

E. Leo McMannus, emeritus professor of English, lives in Venice, Fla.

For all those confused by the late encyclicals and catechisms, who worry they are good Catholics, I recommend Still Catholic After All These Years, by the confident, reassuring and untroubled Mary Jane Frances Cavolina Meara and others, a fitting sequel to Growing Up Catholic and More Growing Up Catholic, as well as a happy diversion from the heavy fare of much of the religious press.

This opuscule, as the Latins might call it, with its zany cover and delightful graphics, is a wondrous potpourri of nostalgic and topical items for and about Catholics of all persuasions and nuances: genuine, practicing, dissenting, recovering, reluctant, angry, cultural, cafeteria and marginal.

Its sassy, audacious and outrageous Catholic humor should please most Catholics -- except, perhaps, your Aunt Hattie, grim and prim, in Peoria.
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Author:McMannus, E. Leo
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 19, 1993
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