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A panel saw that cuts downtime. Cuts costs. Cuts waste. Now that's a saw that earns its keep.

What can a Holzma panel saw do for you?

Quality work starts with your panel saw. It's the ground floor for everything that follows. If you lose quality here, you compromise the rest of your process. Yet with all the advantages advanced CNC panel saws offer, some shops are reluctant to add this equipment to their production processes because of costs and learning curves. Holzma saws and Stiles Machinery provide positive answers. Holzma CNC panel saws deliver fast throughput, increased production control, and greater flexibility. You can take on short runs and custom projects and still turn a profit. Get better yields on all types of materials--wood-based panels, plastics, non-ferrous metals, and solid surface products. Take advantage of Holzma's powerful CNC controls and intuitive operating system to cut waste and reduce turnaround time. Shorten learning curves and eliminate maintenance concerns with Stiles' extensive training program and full-time product support. A Holzma panel saw is a quality solution to CNC processing demands that quickly pays for itself in improved product, increased output, and consistent results.

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* Reduced manufacturing cycle time

* Consistent cutting on all types of panel materials

* Improved yields

* Reduced waste and rework

* Process control

* Operating flexibility

Cut the time and expense out of panel saw selection.

The decision to change your operation and upgrade panel sizing capabilities can be tough. With Stiles on your side, you can get the panel saw that's right for your operation--right now...and right in the future. And you'll have access to accredited training to ensure you get optimum performance from your panel saw, and your people.

Holzma has what you need in a panel saw.

A good panel saw has to be accurate and precise. It should be easy to operate and maintain. Holzma panel saws give you this and more--an exceptional balance of performance and operating economy in a choice of models that give you the flexibility to set up the system you need.

* Front- or rear-load models with integrated lifts

* Angular panel sizing systems for maximum output

* Optional Econolift infeed system for front-loading saws for increased capacity when needed

* Wide range of book heights to meet every capacity requirement

* AC-servo motor driven program fence and saw carriage

* Windows-based operating software


* Cabinets

* Casegoods

* RTA Furniture

* Audio & Home Entertainment Products

* Office Furniture

* Home Furnishings

* Doors

* Store Fixtures

* Board & Sheet Goods

* Restaurant Fixtures

* RV Manufacturing

* POP Displays

Cutting-edge control combines with Cut Rite software for maximum output.

The brains of the Holzma panel saw production system are centered in its industrial PC control. Built for tough manufacturing environments, the controller works off the Windows platform to add familiarity and shorten operator learning time. The large on-board memory stores thousands of easy to recall cutting patterns.

Simple, graphics-driven error diagnostics alert operators to problems and help them get equipment back up and running. The addition of Cut Rite software to the package gives you one of the most powerful optimizing, estimating, and production control centers in the industry. Cut Rite is a fully-modular product that allows you to manage production variables and track inventory, as well as interface with your machining center or edgebander. You can even create production control labels that instantly trigger set up of related CNC machining processes via bar code scan.

Cut Rite's ability to handle production information in workcell environments has already helped hundreds of companies achieve new levels of flexibility and profitability.

Holzma delivers precise quality.

An AC-servo motor driven program fence and saw carriage deliver fast acceleration, deceleration, and point-to-point movements that reduce cycle times and increase output to improve cutting efficiency.

Exclusive Cut Rite software operates on a familiar Windows platform and provides for on-line downloading of cutting patterns. It can also automatically select cutting speed according to book height, material, and position of the cut in the pattern.

Holzma's touch-free magnetic measuring system is the most accurate system available. Its frictionless operation increases operating speed and reduces maintenance requirements. And it remains trouble-free and precise even in the harshest manufacturing environments.

Electronic adjustment of scoring blade to main blade from the control panel of the machine ensures that blade changeovers are quick, increasing production.

Unmatched product depth.

Holzma makes high-performance saws for all production environments. Here's just a small sample from the extensive Holzma product line:

HPP 82 Optimat Front-Loading Panel Saw

The Holzma HPP 82 Optimat is designed for the customer doing short-run, just-in-time production, yet can handle the rigors of stack-cutting as well. The high-speed program fence ensures that short runs are processed quickly and cost-effectively. The 24 hp main saw motor and AC-servo powered program fence with magnetic measuring system ensure fast cycle times even cutting dense materials.

HPL 11 Rear-Loading Panel Saw

The HPL 11 can handle stacks of panels automatically via an integrated lift at the rear of the machine or be manually fed from the front, providing flexibility that is needed in today's manufacturing environment. Automatic alignment of the panels prior to cutting makes sure even tight cutting patterns are accurate. The HPL 11 offers up to 125mm blade exposure with a 28 hp main saw motor and up to 410 fpm saw carriage positioning speed using a rack-and-pinion drive system.

HPL 33 Rear-Loading Panel Saw

The HPL 33 sets a new standard for structural weight and integrity in a single cutting line saw. It combines the kind of output that previously was only available with an angular system while also offering the flexibility of a single saw. With a massive, 58 hp main saw motor, and wide range of capabilities, the HPL 33 is the right choice for today's demanding production requirements.

HFL 33 Angular Saw

Holzma's HFL 33 is the solution for high-volume production runs, It features an independent rip-cut saw, an independent cross-cut saw, and intermediate table with fully automatic material handling between the two. This allows both saws to work concurrently, dramatically increasing production. This feature also adds flexibility to the system because up to three different cutting patterns can be in process at a time. A headcut capability is standard on the HFL 33, as well as micro infeeds that permit easy handling of thin or wavy panels.

Stiles Machinery: building reputations for success.

Stiles Machinery is focused on building a reputation...yours. With a commitment to providing new technologies, more productive machinery, and better support services, we can deliver what you need, when you need it. An extensive product line gives you the freedom to select equipment that meets both budget and operational demands. Choices range from single-unit installations to equipping and automating an entire facility. You are supported by attentive service, both before and after your product selection, to assure your equipment performs as promised. This includes specialized training, at our site or yours, so that you gain maximum benefit from your investment. We provide 24-hour technical support and parts service, scheduled maintenance programs, and on-site service when needed. For a closer look at panel saw technology that can help build your reputation, visit our web site at or call Bill Pitt of the Holzma U.S. division at 704-861-8239.


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