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Sticky Stacks Reinvents Pancakes, Syrups & Waffles.

Kansas City, KS, October 12, 2012 --( Sticky Stacks proudly releases its first generation of syrups, pancake mixes & combination packages that have a taste-bud-pleasing twist. Sticky Stacks, the new & premier breakfast company, is reinventing breakfast by infusing familiar toppings directly into its syrups and mixes. Sticky Stacks is a privately owned company with a centrally located manufacturing facility in Kansas City.

Some very well known companies have reinvented ice cream with their classic combos of favorite toppings and flavored ice creams. Sticky Stacks is taking breakfast to the next level in much the same way; by merging crowd-pleasing flavors into its smooth, all-natural, syrups & pancake mixes. From the traditional taste of Peanut Butter infused Syrup to the classic mingling of fire-roasted marshmallows and chocolate ala S'mores infused Syrup, Sticky Stacks leads the way to an exhilarating pancake or waffle experience. For a more sophisticated palate, the Coffee Caramel Macchiato or Almond Butter pancake syrup will whip refined tongues into a frenzy.

The sales of natural and organic food and beverages increased 85% from 2005 to 2010 and the demand for such products continues to rise. Sticky Stacks uses all-natural ingredients and is one of few companies in its class to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from its syrups. In addition, their syrups are gluten free, benefiting the 25% of Americans with celiac disease or wheat intolerance.

People of all ages enjoy Sticky Stacks. The candied flavors appeal to kids, who are notorious for their love of sweets. Moms will appreciate the nutritional value hiding behind its competitive price point. To bring the generations even closer, research also shows that grandparents spend $27.5 billion a year on grandchildren. A trip to Grandma and Grandpa's often means indulging in special treats and Sticky Stacks will provide familiar and ageless flavors that take a grandparent back to his or her days as a carefree child.

A few other noteworthy items in their sales portfolio include Caffeinated Waffles & Caffeinated Syrup from the Seattle based breakfast company, Wired Waffles. Sticky Stacks has also gone into partnership with Thaniel's, a baking mix company which has created an all-in-one pancake mix and syrup combo using Sticky Stacks Syrups. Combination packages feed a family of four and include flavors such as Banana Mix with Peanut Butter Syrup & Chocolate Chip Mix with S'mores Syrup.

Innovation, all-natural ingredients and people-pleasing flavor combos clearly set Sticky Stacks apart from the rest. To find out more about Sticky Stacks log onto For special contests as well as Fun Fact Friday, find Sticky Stacks on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

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Date:Oct 12, 2012
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