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Stick mixers.

A common misconception is that "stick mixers" or "handheld mixers" are great for small tasks in the kitchen but are not up to the big jobs. No longer is this the case. with their many attachments and stronger motors, stick mixers are now versatile enough to easily handle many tasks, such as chopping ice or frozen fruit, pureeing vegetables for soup, grinding spices, and aerating sauces. Today, consumers expect power and durability to justify costs, while still desiring sleek design and comfort of use. They want to purchase a product once and know that it has the power and versatility to last many, many years. Fortunately, these demands are being met by today's stick mixers and their many attachments.

Ensure that the stick mixer you purchase has an adequate amount of attachments to offer maximum versatility.

What are the advantages of stick mixers?

Whether you are blending sauces, whipping cream and egg whites, whisking up mayonnaise, or crushing herbs and spices, a stick mixer gives you the convenience of a small appliance with a "mighty punch." Depending on which unit you purchase, you will be able to mince, chop, blend, and crush, all with a few strokes of your stick mixer, and with the added convenience of being able to use it right in your mixing bowl or stockpot. Chop up vegetables for salads, puree vegetables for soups, chop up fruit and berries for sweets and jams, blend gravy with no lumps, and whip up all your favorite toppings and fruit drinks. These are only some of the tasks you will be able to perform with a high-quality stick mixer. You will be able to conjure up delicious meals quickly and easily. Ease of cleanup makes a stick mixer a snap to use and store.

How do I choose the right stick mixer?

First, you have to determine what functions you would like your stick mixer to perform. Units vary dramatically from low-end ones to top-of-the-line models that offer the versatility of mincing, chopping, mashing, blending, and crushing, all with the convenience of a single hand-held appliance. while lower-end units tend to be used primarily for blending purposes, high-end units come with a variety of attachments and multitask blades, plus additional accessories like grinders, which add to the unit's versatility, making it an all-in-one appliance. Think of the counter space you will save.

How can a stick mixer save me time?

Since stick mixers are multitask appliances with the added convenience of easy cleanup, they are always wonderful for performing quick tasks around the kitchen. You can complete one task after another quickly and easily by simply changing blades and attachments.

Depending on which unit you purchase, you will be able to mince, chop, blend, and crush, all with a few strokes of your stick mixer, plus have the added convenience of using it right in your mixing bowl or stockpot.

How important are the additional attachments?

The various attachments available allow consumers more versatility in the kitchen. No longer is the stick mixer a single unit only useful to blend or aerate small amounts of food. Each attachment increases the versatility of the unit. People are busy and want to go from one task to another quickly and easily. The more versatile the unit, the more often it will be used, which in turn provides good value for the money. Often, the stick mixer is referred to as "five appliances in one."

Ease of cleanup makes it a snap to use and store.

Is speed (RPM) a key issue in selecting a stick mixer?

Depending upon the proposed usage of a stick mixer, the speed capability has a definite bearing on the success of your culinary tasks. When considering whether to purchase a stick mixer, you should always rate RPM speed in a submerged liquid to obtain a truly accurate picture of its capabilities. High-speed blades streamline the aerating, emulsifying, and whipping of your liquids. Choose a unit that offers multiple speeds for more precise control of your tasks. High blade speeds also make the work of more difficult tasks like chopping ice and raw vegetables easier.

High-speed blades steamline the aerating, emulsifying, and whipping of your liquids. Choose a unit that gives you multiple speeds for more precise control of your tasks.

How important is the wattage and motor strength?

It is important to realize that "wattage" alone does not necessarily relate to the final output of power, and the unit's overall versatility. When choosing a unit, keep in mind that "wattage" coupled with "motor strength" must work uniformly, generating maximum torque of the drive shaft and subsequently, the final output of the blades.
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