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Stevens Point gears up for Bock season.

Wisconsin's Stevens Point Brewery is preparing for its annual delivery of Point Bock beer to select markets as has been the case for the past 58 years. This year, for the first time, Point Bock will be available in the Chicago, Rockford and Columbus, OH, markets in addition to Wisconsin and Minnesota during a limited time frame this spring, in keeping with the Bock tradition that began in Germany.

Point president Ken Shibilski stressed that bock beer's unique taste is not derived from an annual cleaning of the brewing tanks. "The truth is," Shibilski explained, "that bock beer is made from specially-roasted barley, malt kernels and caramelized malt extract. Add an extra dose of the rest of the usual beer ingredients, give it an extra week of aging and you've got bock beer's unique and traditional flavor."

According to Shibilski, the popularity of Point Bock is not only because of its limited availability, but due also to its darker, richer characteristics.
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Title Annotation:Stevens Point Beverage Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 3, 1992
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