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Stevens Point beer reports 14-percent sales rise in July.

Stevens Point beer reports 14-percent sales rise in July

While some beer industry officials are complaining about a flat sales demand, the Stevens Point Beverage Co., brewers of Point Special Beer, reported a 14-percent sales increase in July.

"Point beer is selling faster than we can brew it," said Ken Shibilski, president, Stevens Point Beverage Co. "We have been running at full capacity since June, but the demand has been so great that we have had to ask some of our distributors to delay their pickups by a week or so. At some points, we have been taking the beer right off the end of the canning line and loading it directly into the trucks."

Shibilski said demand for the Wisconsin-brewed beer has been increasing at retail outlets.

"Some of our retailers have been placing much larger orders than usual," Shibilski said. "I think it is because our new television ads have made Point Special the beer to drink this summer in Central Wisconsin."

Shibilski added that he expected current supplies for the 55,000-barrel-a-year brewery to stay tight for at least the next 30 days and is "trying to make sure the regular outlets have a sufficient supply."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 28, 1989
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