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Stevens, Robin: The Guggenheim Mystery.

Stevens, Robin

The Guggenheim Mystery

Puffin, 2017, pp320, 9.99 [pounds sterling]

978 0141 37702 5

Ted Spark is different. His brain is wired up differently to everyone else and he wears his school uniform every day, even when he heads to New York with Mum and Kat to visit Aunt Gloria and cousin Salim. Three months ago Ted solved the mystery of how Salim disappeared from a pod on the London Eye. Since then Salim has moved to New York with his mum, Aunt Gloria, who has taken up a new job as a curator at the Guggenheim Museum. Ted and his sister, Kat, are pleased to see Salim again and looking forward to discovering New York. However, their first trip out is a visit to the Guggenheim, while it is closed, courtesy of Aunt Gloria. The museum fills with smoke and is evacuated and as the smoke disperses it becomes clear that a Kandinsky painting worth millions of pounds has been stolen. Ted can't see the point in paintings so is unconcerned until the police decide that Aunt Gloria must be responsible for the theft. Ted, Kat and Salim set out to prove her innocence and find the painting. Ted's unusual view of the world allows him to see things in a different way to Kat and Salim and the three of them make a formidable team.

Robin Stevens has managed to capture the very essence of Siobhan Dowd's characters and has successfully brought Ted into the centre of another mystery to solve. Like The London Eye Mystery, this story keeps the reader engaged until the final moment. Through many twists and turns, and red herrings, we follow Ted, Kat and Salim as they speculate, gather clues and finally fall upon the truth. A satisfying read and a worthy followup to The London Eye Mystery.

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Author:Krajewski, Ellen
Publication:School Librarian
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 22, 2017
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