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Steve Bannon's Mentor, 91-year-old French Author Jean Raspail.

On Sept. 1, 1998, a deserted British island in the English Channel called Les Minquiers was invaded by a commando of six marines on a sailing ship from the Kingdom of Patagonia. Tearing away the English flag on the island, they planted the Patagonian blue, white, and green flag in its place, put Patagonian stickers on the buildings and renamed its public toilet the most septentrional building of the Patagonian kingdom. It was the second invasion of the kind, the first having occurred in 1984. In both cases, the military governor of Patagonia had issued the same "new constitution" for the newly conquered territory, forbidding "all unions and political parties" and claiming that the "royal commandos of Patagonia were to observe the most perfect politeness toward the population that has welcomed us with such jubilation."

The island was, in fact, a piece of rock devoid of any human life. The author of the constitution and military chief of the whole operation was Patagonia's self-appointed vice consul acting in the name of Orelie-Antoine I, king of Patagonia, dead more than a century prior. He was Jean Raspail, a forgotten French writer, author of some 45 books, and he was granted a meeting with a middle-ranking diplomat from the British embassy in Paris. Thus ended the "invasion" and, with it, the last notable public apparition of Jean Raspailuntil current Trump White House Rasputin Steve Bannon started to brandish one of his novels as the Bible of the 21st century.

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Author:Weitzmann, Marc
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Mar 28, 2017
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