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Stethoscope the answer to cellphone radiation. (Research).

Could the danger of radiation emitted by cellphones be eliminated using a 200-year-old medical discovery? Mobile phone radiation has been blamed for causing anxiety disorders, loss of memory and brain tumours.

Manufacturers believed they'd cracked the problem with hands-free headsets but they've had to rethink after research showed these might also be dangerous.

The solution, however, seems to lie in the doctor's traditional stethoscope - because it transmits sound through a hollow tube without the aid of electronics. The simple workings of the stethoscope - in which a membrane vibrates with chest sounds and the resonance is amplified through the tube - fascinated American inventor Orrin Klitzner. He believed that a person's voice would react to the same dynamics and after three years of tinkering, unveiled the RF3 headset before a sceptical cellphone industry. "It worked," says Klitzner, "and people are astounded because it is so blindingly simple."

The tubing and two special chambers inserted halfway along do all the work. The chambers amplify the sound in a way similar to the workings of the inner ear. Tests by the US government have shown the headset emits no radiation.
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Title Annotation:Orrin Klitzner invents radiation-free headset
Publication:African Business
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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