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Happiness unto the third generation: "a poor workman blames his tools," and "the right tool for the right job." this month, Dave finds a happy medium between the two. Dec 1, 2008 787
Send us back to Old Chicago: justifying attendance at IMTS means putting the theoretical to practical use. Nov 1, 2008 699
Is single-source vendoring the right choice? Maybe or maybe not. There are a lot of variables to consider when trying to balance efficiency with depth and breadth of knowledge. Oct 1, 2008 740
If it ain't broke, fix it anyway: it can pay to take a look at adequate jobs and see where improvements can be made. Sep 1, 2008 724
Advice for getting the most from an IMTS visit; Stay on task, but be flexible when walking the show floor, and mix both managers and employees to find the best solutions for a shop. Aug 1, 2008 761
A pricey solution pays off with saved time: expense-like beauty-is in the eye of the beholder. What may seem like a big up-front investment can provide a big pay-off. Jul 1, 2008 813
Finish pass anxiety-part 2: a "twist" of fate, and a tool, creates and solves a mystery and helps alleviate finish pass anxiety. Jun 1, 2008 790
Finish pass anxiety: dealing with a tricky alloy and complex cutting takes theories, planning, and educated guesses, then its up to physics. May 1, 2008 722
Virtually no problems: by exploring the virtual reality of a project with solid modeling, Dave, and the shop, can find issues and resolve them before the chips start to fly. Apr 1, 2008 821
Test anxiety: testing tools is a way to keep up with technology, but be judicious about it. Mar 1, 2008 686
Sterling's little helpers: Dave takes the name of the column seriously and examines the items that make life easier on the shop floor. Column Feb 1, 2008 734
Three days just isn't enough: Dave and his brother were offered a tour of Makino factories in Japan and saw first-hand how the three Makino machines currently in their shop--and a fourth on the way--were built. Jan 1, 2008 686
Hardware is easy, software is hard: plunking down a load of cash for a new machine is only part of the process; at least it's possible to see it cut metal and produce parts. Purchasing the right software, and getting a cardboard box with discs in it for a significant portion of the cost of the machine, is the scary part. Dec 1, 2007 734
The hybrid machine future fast approaches: demonstrations of hybrid machines at the EMO technology show convince Dave that the future is now. Nov 1, 2007 693
More standards; less awkward moments: dave suggests the powers that be create standards where none now exist. Oct 1, 2007 750
Stocking the digital toolbox: while "anything can be a hammer," digital tools such as cameras and other devices, are finding their way onto the shop floor. Sep 1, 2007 823
Trade publications: not only good, but good looking; Trade magazines not only let readers keep their finger on the pulse of their industry, but other industries as well. They also class-up waiting rooms. Aug 1, 2007 726
An old 'friend' retires after 29 years: knowing when to let go is a tough decision, often it's the tell-tale signs of age that make it obvious ... with both people and machines. Jul 1, 2007 759
A soft spot for aluminum: as a soft metal, aluminum has many machining advantages, but its very nature can lead to unique challenges. Here are some tips and tricks to keep the chips flying and the scrap to a minimum. Jun 1, 2007 634
It can pay to change horses on the repeat job merry-go-round: a repeat job may seem good-to-go, but a second look can mean improving profits. May 1, 2007 718
Stainless steel can be as tricky as navigating quicksand: Dave gets some "sexy" videos through his cell phone, but it's not what you think. Apr 1, 2007 658
Sometimes the best just isn't good enough: unique problems take innovative solutions. Waiting until someone else solves the challenge could mean a long, long wait. Mar 1, 2007 705
A peek behind the Great Wall: government reports and alarmist declarations give one view of China's role in the industrial world, but an eyewitness report can't be beat. Feb 1, 2007 692
Unscrewing the inscrutable: David Sterling spent two weeks traveling in Asia. With so much information, this month's column will be devoted to his travels in South Korea and Taiwan, and next month to China. Column Jan 1, 2007 686
Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty: abstract information is often necessary, but going out into the real world where metal is cut is a necessary reality-check. Dec 1, 2006 610
At IMTS, the fun may be upstairs, but the money is made in the basement. Nov 1, 2006 683

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